Disadvantages of Not Getting The Services of Fire Watch Guards

Disadvantages of Not Getting The Services of Fire Watch Guards

In the information age, people can easily assume that they already know the ins and outs of a specific topic. This goes the same with how easily they disregard the need for professional help in important situations that need attention. Just like in prevention of fire, where they might not see the need for fire watch guards.

If your fire alarm system isn’t working, you’ll need someone to conduct fire watch patrols. It’s not often that anyone anticipates their fire alarm or a sprinkler system to malfunction. Fire watch guards’ job is to respond to emergencies. Some managers or company owners use their employees to do fire watch patrols in order to avoid the expenses associated with their services. While this saves money in the short term by not having to hire a professional fire watch agency, there are disadvantages to employing your existing personnel for fire watches.

Remember the following pointers whenever you decline the services of fire watch guards.

Fines related to non-compliance to the law.

There are US states that have specific requirements for how fire watch services should be carried out. Fines will be imposed on buildings, businesses, or properties that do not follow the rules. These penalties are not usually cheap, that could even cost more than just hiring fire watch guards.

Peace of mind

Fire watch guards do fire prevention for a living, therefore it is safe to say that it is what they do best. In comparison to employees, they have a different skill set that may not be related to dealing with situations that involve fire. Hiring a fire watch guard has been shown to provide peace of mind to employees, allowing them to focus on what they do best. It also spares you of the obligation of organizing individual personnel whenever this scenario happens, if you are a manager or business owner. Fire watches must be given on a continuous basis when the fire alarm or sprinkler system is malfunctioning or being serviced. This may need the assistance of multiple people every hour or over a specified time period. Hiring a fire watch service offers you the assurance that someone will be on duty without putting a load on your personnel.


Yes, it is a fact that fires rarely happen in the workplace or in any property. This is because people would usually follow the government’s mandate when it comes to fire prevention. Honestly speaking, most of them ensures that this is complied with because of the fines involved with it. Some do not realize that fire protection can still incur damages. For example, sprinklers may stop a huge fire from happening. However, the water will surely damage the computers or other important items or supplies in the workplace or property.

These are just three of the reasons why fire watch guards are the best option when it comes to fire prevention. Aside from being professional when it comes to this kind of service, they can even assist in informing the best practices whenever fire happens. Contact a fire watch guard agency even on social media and see the difference it can make to the business or property.

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