Deisy Suarez-Giles; An Aspiring and Hardworking Philanthropist

Deisy Suarez-Giles; An Aspiring and Hardworking Philanthropist

Deisy Suarez-Giles is DESUAR Spa’s owner in downtown LA. Years earlier, her fascination started as a girl who created scrubs and mud masks on a sink after entering the makeup and fitness industry as a maquiladora in NYC more than 16 years ago. As a wife and mother of two small children, DEISY is also an actor, philanthropist, authors, material producers, and animal lovers.

After earning her BA in Marketing Communications at UTESA in 2002, she was freelance as a makeup artist with works in numerous shops, beauty shows. She was at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. DESUAR Cosmetics launched her first entrepreneurial venture in 2004 with her design and practical expertise. She has created a high-end makeup producer for herself and her consumers in partnership with Dr. Srinivas Srivas, the research director of French Fragrance Imports Co.

She received her certificates from the Learning Institution of Beauty Science in the same year as editorial creating, body art modeling, and makeup for special effects. Deisy worked in studio sets and mode shows until 2006 when she decided to move to the West Coast as a makeup artist, due to additional expertise and new makeup models.

She continued her art in LA and became more interested in the industry’s well-being and provided spa services from a hair salon in North Hollywood at the beginning of 2010. In 2010, Deisy moved to her home, enjoying facials, body and skin treatments, and other beauty facilities for her growing clients.

After five good years, she opened DESUAR Spa, a 4400 SQFT area in central Los Angeles, thus thoroughly extending the business. DESUARS Spa has continued to evolve, offering established skincare techniques, MRI treatments, chemical peeling & facial microdermabrasion, and the very own clandestine type of Deisy’s body scrub massage therapy and tanning, scrubbing, wrapping, and waxing.

Without Deisy ‘s lifetime dedication to studying, none like this achievement is possible. She was a massage therapist trained and accredited in 2010 and completed her massage degree with 720 hours of instruction in Western and Eastern massage styles. In 2010, she attended the National Holist College for Massage Therapy. The next year Deisy returned to the academy, learning and then becoming a qualified esthetician.

Marriage Material: How I Met My Husband” is a complete account of Suarez-Giles’ misadventure and adventures as she hunted for her husband — in Los Angeles first, and worldwide later. The novel also illustrates how she eventually met her husband, the unforeseen non-guest union between the two, and how they resolve challenges to start a life.

Her Future hadn’t been in Los Angeles, Deisy was utterly sure of it, and he was somewhere to the far north. She was so confident. In anticipation of a bump into desire, she flew across Paris, Monaco, Saint Tropez, and New York. Much to her deception, she did not.

The book discusses relationships, love, and marriage as well. Her hot-bitter wedding day was one of the significant challenges in her book that the spa owner tackled. When she married the love of her life, she was away from her loved ones. That is why Deisy knows how daunting it is for people outside their communities during this pandemic.

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