Deceiving people and scamming them big time is a self-proclaimed musician, thekidroro

Deceiving people and scamming them big time is a self-proclaimed musician, thekidroro

He has misled people and duped them monetarily and calls himself a “rising musical star.”

A few years back, the definitions of being real, genuine, and honest were different. It meant people worked hard on their talents, thrived on real ethos and principles, and always were transparent with others. Unfortunately, a few people have been changing these definitions and making it worse for the actual good ones to survive in their industries, compelling people to never trust each other. It is essential to call out such individuals who pose as a bad example in society and who have the “capability” to influence the youth terribly. thekidroro is one such name, or perhaps the name that tops the list of such dishonest people in society and across industries who only believe in snatching things from people and cheating them.

This young guy thinks he is a rising star in the world of music as a singer and musician, but in reality, he is far away from what he thinks he is. He has only shown his negative attributes and characteristics so far as he has cheated and scammed people big time. Looking at his pictures on social media, one can never feel he can fool anyone, as he seems to be a youngster passionate about music, but unfortunately, he is wasting his youth in engaging with such fraudulent acts, where he has been making huge scams.

People have come forward to call out his name as thekidroro has plain cheated them and shown his double-face. He is the biggest scammer in the industry right now, who recently made a scam of $3K with someone in the industry. He frauds all those who trust him, and this has become a trait of his. He has been scamming so many others in the market and still believes he can survive by continuing to do so.

Even his songs on Spotify are bought by the media. He has even bought followers, likes, and plays from SMM panels. Nothing in his so-called discography is real; everything is fake, making him the biggest fake artist today.

Beware from people like thekidroro, who only know how to fraud and fool people.

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