Darshan Somaiya: The Saga of the Millionaire Mentor

Darshan Somaiya: The Saga of the Millionaire Mentor

American motivational guru Tony Robbins once said,”The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” This was the defining moment in the life of Darshan Somaiya, the young and dapper 28 year old India’s Top Business Coach. Darshan is a Master of Human Elevation, the most influential success & wealth mentor of the nation appreciated by ZEE Business. His primary focus is on How to elevate one’s growth 10X Financially, SPIRITUALLY & EMOTIONALLY.

Darshan’s journey into this field began at a very young age of 5 when he was immersed into spirituality, coaxed by his mother. So deep was the influence of spirituality that he was able to master the Bhagwadgeeta. This opened up realms of deep thought processes in the young mind. Not willing to be a part of the rat-race, he dropped out of engineering and set forth to fine his true calling. A happenstance with holding a career guidance workshop, was a remarkable feat for the youngster and had the audiences enthralled. His mother was the first to recognise his flair for public speaking and prodded him to master his skills with Tony Robbins’ DVDs which left an indelible impression on his mind.

Darshan had found his Ikigai – Mentoring. He took his passion notches up as he continued to draw inspiration from 7 world-class mentors, 51+ millionaire, and 21 billionaires, all of whom he calls his mentors. He says,”It’s a continuous process. I need to constantly update and redevelop how to come up with new discourses on how to 10X balance your life, design your financial freedom life, to be high ticketing influencer, to be a multi-millionaire coach, counsellor & speaker, to discover your passion, purpose & values in your life, to achieve your 10X SUPER LIFE!”

From achieving his first Lac at 18 to his 1st Million at 20, 1st Crore at 21, 10th Crore at age 24, being bestowed upon the India’s Youngest Mercedes Achiever award and the list is endless. Today he is the CEO and founder of 3 multi-millionaire companies Mission positive world | Lead monk digital | Guniguru.com with, gross of over 80 MILLION INR in annual revenue. He is the co-founder and vice president of the start-up GuniGuru.com which was inaugurated by our PM Narendra Modi. He is the founder of the Ultimate Millionaire Blueprint movement where India’s leading media DIVYA BHASKAR mentioned him as INDIA’s own Tony Robbins. He is also the Most Influential Success & wealth mentor of India 2019, appreciated by Zee business media, CEO and mentor of Karnataka Women achievers awards & Indian women achievers awards!

Despite all the accolades, he has won till date and seeming to be an extreme workaholic, he is the most sorted person to have perfectly mastered the art of balancing his work with his personal life. An avid fitness enthusiast, he skilfully strikes an equilibrium with working 150 days of his life to spending 100 days on networking with his mentors while the rest are spent with family and loved ones.

Darshan urges everyone to find their true calling in life and helps his participants live a 10X extraordinary life that is par excellence with his closing comments,” When you accept the idea that there is an abundance of everything in the Universe, you believe that you deserve success.”

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