Dana White comments on Vince McMahon’s WWE retirement

Dana White comments on Vince McMahon’s WWE retirement

Former WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon recently announced his shocking resignation after 40 years as the WWE’s top boss. McMahon’s retirement did not come without controversy, as he is currently under investigation for several non-disclosure agreements he entered into with former female WWE employees due to sexual misconduct incidents. The investigation revealed that more than $12 million in hush money was paid over 16 years.

Despite the allegations, a number of people who worked with McMahon in the past and recently have paid tribute to the 76-year-old former CEO since news of his resignation, and that list now includes UFC president Dana. White, who commented on McMahon’s retirement during the post-fight press conference following the Dana White Contender Series.

“I got stories about Vince for days,” White said. “What that man created and what he did is incredible. He’s been doing it for over 50 years, I watched that stuff as a kid and still doing it, he’s phenomenal. He’s a killer, he’s buried the hatchet in my back a few times, but that’s what you’re dealing with. You don’t deal with a killer and expect him to try to kill you. I have nothing but respect for Vince.”

As he referenced, the UFC boss has had an interesting relationship with McMahon and WWE over the years, but the two have always expressed mutual respect for each other. The two expressed their desire to continue their shows during the pandemic, hosting wrestling and fighting events while the rest of the world was shut down. In the past, White and McMahon have worked together to promote talent, promoting Brock Lesnar’s UFC fight with Mark Hunt on WWE television before his WWE SummerSlam match in 2016 and vice versa in 2016.

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