Cynthia Acosta is all set to release her “boldest” book this June as part of her “Pretty Bold Series”

Cynthia Acosta is all set to release her “boldest” book this June as part of her “Pretty Bold Series”

So far in her career, the highly driven and creative soul has written some of the most discussed books and has also become a Podcaster and spokesmodel.

Around the world, many topics still need more spotlight or at least the coming together of people for more discussions. However, when it comes to sensitive or controversial issues, only a handful of people love challenging the status quo and believe in the power of redefining definitions and preconceived notions forcefully instilled into people’s minds. Who better than Cynthia Acosta to serve as an example here? This bold and fearless creative soul and author is well-known for her incredible writing works, gathered under her bold “Pretty Bold Series.”

Cynthia Acosta is the one who quickly embarked on her writing journey as soon as she realized the importance of confronting uncomfortable conversations, topics, and truths head-on. Hence, she decided to come up with varied books on essential issues that people need to emphasize to challenge preconceived notions, break stereotypes, and spark conversations on meaningful topics like human rights, mental health, identity, social justice, and the like.

Her Pretty Bold Series includes books like “The New Level of Pretty Bold: Life Lessons on How to Become Smart, Savvy, and Pretty Bold!,” “Pretty Bold Affirmations: The Crown is Heavy but I am Strong,” “Pretty Bold Confidence,” “Becoming Pretty Bold: A 30 Day Workbook,” “Pretty Bold Business: Your Guide to Starting a Business with Courage and Confidence,” “Pretty Bold Faith: Strategies to embrace your power and pursue your dreams with unwavering Faith,” “Pretty Bold Power: Bold Strategies for Taking your Power back,” “Pretty Bold: Mindfulness,” “Pretty Bold: Smart is the new Sexy,” “Pretty Bold: Mistakes – The Games people play,” and “Pretty Bold: Unapologetic.”

Her latest May 2024 release was “Pretty Bold: Smart is The New Sexy,” emphasizing Smart is the new Sexy and how it is essential to embrace intelligence and redefine beauty. Qualities like confidence, authenticity, creativity, and emotional intelligence make people attractive, and no other societal standards of beauty.

She will release her new book in June 2024 titled “Pretty Bold Mistakes: The Games People Play,” which is her boldest book to date. Here, she speaks about her life’s ups and downs, bold decisions and choices, and dealing with the aftermath. It emphasizes embracing the journey and discovering growth amidst challenges.

The Pretty Bold author is also a podcaster with Pretty Bold Podcast, speaking on varied vital issues and topics.

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