Currencies BOOM in India is a good sign for investors

Currencies BOOM in India is a good sign for investors

India as a country has forever been a significant market for any and every finance product, With the majority Demographic of India hovering around the ages of 25 to 45 is the exact targeting a Crypto product would need.

In one of the Interviews with the Google and Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai also heard that most of the Google products are first tested in India for proper feedback on the product’s viability and many other factors surrounding it. (Source YT)

India has great potential for crypto-finance and its blockchain technology. Crypto is a great tool to promote financial inclusion and make banking services cheaper. India is the largest buyer of Cryptocurrency. Several Blockchain startups have pivoted to crypto over the past year, including Zebpay, Coinome and HADOPI. These companies provide API access to cryptos and forex markets, enabling developers to build blockchain-powered financial products using their APIs.

With the world becoming smaller by the day, accessibility to destinations like UAE has become easy, and one can easily have International portfolios of finance & cryptos.

2 – 3 businesses work beautifully in India, 1. Finance and Lending, 2. Exports – Making products in INR and receiving money in USD or Euros & 3. Factories & Manufacturers of government-approved or backed goods. Crypto becoming a medium for financial exchange is all set to boost the Indian economy & create magic for Indian entrepreneurs or even salaried.

Our crypto product is poised to revolutionize the financial world. And we’re here to help you navigate it.

Derek Robins

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