CTBIT Exchange, A New Cryptocurrency Exchange Is All Set To Kick Off Its Operations.

CTBIT, a newly launched cryptocurrency exchange, is all set to offer various crypto-asset trading services to customers on its digital platform. It is confirmed that they not only provide spot & futures copy trading, including system trading operated by existing large exchanges but also run a split NFT marketplace.

This newly launched exchange initiated its services through a copy trading system for naive investors who might not yet know how to trade and want to familiarize themselves with the financial markets. We spoke to a CTBIT exchange official who confirmed that various trading systems would be opened, including the copy trading system, where novice investors saw tremendous success and were able to improve their trading abilities and profitability with little effort by copying the trades of professional traders.

CTBIT helps newbie investors obtain maximum returns without having to conduct complex market analyses. In order to operate a more stable trading system, the company plans to hire internal professional traders with many years of quality trading experience. It is said that to minimize investor losses and maximize profits, new traders are recruited through numerous verification processes such as revenue verification and investment propensity confirmation.

CTBIT has established a system that allows specific coin holders to participate in NFT exhibitions and purchases. The NFT marketplace makes it easier for investors to participate in NFT ownership investments. Investors who participate in a staking product that pays dividends per NFT will be paid in exchange coins at the time of product sales settlement. With this virtuous cycle of interest and investment in CTBIT and the exchange’s own coin, the value of the exchange’s own coin and CTBIT will continue to rise, and the demand is expected to increase.

“In addition to this split NFT marketplace, CTBIT also plans to introduce Launchpad and DeFi staking services that would create a steady revenue system for members. Our DeFi staking is a system that receives rewards by depositing specific coins for a certain period of time, and it is a method that provides stable and continuous profits. Other than this, we also plan to offer coin-secured loan service, which has already been implemented on large global exchanges such as Binance.” the CTBIT representative confirms.

CTBIT is establishing a systematic and stable management system such as comprehensive personal information management and 24-hour customer center operation to build customer loyalty and trust. Additionally, for the convenience and satisfaction of its customers, CTBIT has built an intuitive and convenient interface and is planning to offer various services at the lowest transaction fees. It also aims to hold airdrop events and global trading competitions on a regular basis.

CTBIT is now wholly prepared to open its exchange. The exchange representative also declared that various events, such as fee discounts, friend invitations, and trading competitions, would coincide with the opening. Detailed information can be found on the official website.—-

You can also connect with them via their social media handles:

Contact email: info@ctbit.org

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