Cryptocurrency Trader and Author Tedi Ticic takes on the crypto world

Cryptocurrency Trader and Author Tedi Ticic takes on the crypto world

As the digital space is growing, so is the interest in advancing technology. One such element of this advanced technology is digital currencies. There are many forms of digital currencies including Cryptocurrency, bitcoins, NFTs and more. While many people have gotten into trading in these digital currencies, there is a significant amount of people who do not understand anything about it.

To learn more about cryptocurrencies, many people have resorted to surfing through thousands of links online, listening to tech talk shows and podcasts and even seeking advice from their friends but these have helped in the short term.

With the thought of helping people understand cryptocurrencies in the long run and benefit from the same, Tedi Ticic has written three successful books on cryptocurrency. These books include a guide for beginners, called Cryptocurrency Beginner, and a book which includes everything about cryptocurrencies, called Cryptocurrency Expert: Everything you need to know in cryptocurrency.

Being a Cryptocurrency Trader and Author, Tedi Ticic has faced many hurdles since he started trading in cryptocurrencies because of how volatile the market is. He has, however, never lost hope and patiently stood strong waiting for better times to come.

Ticic has always believed in learning more about cryptocurrencies and doesn’t believe in intuition. It is this belief that led him to write three books on the topic because he wants people to truly understand what cryptocurrency is and how the world of digital currency operates.

Throughout his career as a Cryptocurrency Trader, Ticic has helped numerous people in understanding cryptocurrencies and in earning through trading them.

As Ticic moves toward becoming a successful author in the cryptocurrency world, he says that he has always believed in one phrase, ‘Never give up’ and stood by it in every stage of his life and he wishes to be a top author.

Ticic has had the dream of being an entrepreneur since a very young age. It was sheer determination and hard work that helped the Croatian cryptocurrency trader in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

As the world started hearing about cryptocurrencies, Ticic, in 2016, looked at it as an opportunity to get into this world and successfully learning how to trade in digital currencies. Today, after six years of trading in cryptocurrencies, it isn’t wrong to say that Ticic is acing it.

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