Creator of a different atmosphere in Rap, the father of Persian Ambient Trap.Farhaad

Creator of a different atmosphere in Rap, the father of Persian Ambient Trap.Farhaad

His songs are about the magical mind trauma, His lyrics are magical and completely creative in Persian rap.

With his arrival, the market flooded with millions of views. This mysterious young rapper creates a different path in Persian rap with his songs, when you listen to his songs and voice, you feel something new but marvelous. He grows like a tree in Persian rap, but he is growing rapidly and firmly. He has deep roots in rap and Ambient Trap is the result. He is the first Iranian artist who created and used Ambient Trap in his songs and created a brilliant atmosphere in Persian rap. Being a creative artist is in his veins. Every day, thousands of rap lovers enjoy the  extraordinary songs of this significant artist. The lyrics of this artist are meaningful and magical. There is a mystical feeling in all his songs, which brings a wonderful feeling and even connection to the song. This young rapper is exactly on the path of development and progress.

The first Iranian rapper introduced Ambient Trap to the market. His songs are full of pure emotion and rarely used words. Moreover, this artist playlist is on a whole other level of creativity and uniqueness. He has been and will be successful in the Persian rap market because he will always surprise rap audiences with his magical songs. He is also popular on apps like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Radiojavan. His flow and rhyme are unique, we can feel it in his songs. By naming the unique songs of this artist and introducing them to their followers, they can enjoy their day and relax. Such as Zoze, Bede bere, Iranam, Dare sooz miad, Adam O Havva, Gharantine, and especially Taghat Biyar which have brilliant music videos that you can enjoy every day.

Being an artist requires love in any time and country. requires hard work and spending the night with lyrics to be perfect and individual. All these definitions are summarised in one name, Farhaad

Stay tuned for more songs on Spotify and follow him on Instagram @farhaadofficial

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