Craving desi food in Dubai? Head Over to Manjinder Singh’s Apna Punjab Restaurant

Craving desi food in Dubai? Head Over to Manjinder Singh’s Apna Punjab Restaurant

We all crave our desi food when we are away from home, Someone very rightly said that a man’s happiness could be defined by the food he eats. At the end of the day, we all work hard to fulfil our basic requirements and then on luxury. Apart from being a necessity, food also connects us. Friends and family bonding, more often than not, rely on food. People love to go to a good restaurant to have fun on the weekends, special occasions, parties, etc. Indian cuisine is globally popular, and many want to try it. Indians living abroad usually complain about not being able to connect with food.

this stands true for many people across the world, for people who are self-proclaimed foodies and the ones who love to try different cuisines every time they travel somewhere. However, there are also a few people who love to stay loyal to their culture and spread across the same to others around the world. To enter the food business is no walk in the park. Apart from having a passion for food, one also needs to have strong business acumen, resilience and the ability to keep working consistently to reach their desired success in an industry that is already rocked by many successful players and restaurant brands.

Ask him what drove him towards the food business and the passionate being quickly replies, saying, “To spread my Indian food culture across UAE and let people know how we love eating, making and serving food to people. To offer foodies something new, something that can mesmerize them and their taste buds with our cuisine and something that can make them fall for it instantly has what led me to initiate my restaurant in Dubai.”

Serving people Indian cuisines like Thali, soups, regular combo specials with Indian food, daily specials, Biryani and Rice items, and so much more has become a way of life for Manjinder Singh and his restaurant brand ‘Apna Punjab Restaurant’. Making drool-worthy food items and increasing people’s cravings with their mouth-watering dishes have earned Apna Punjab Restaurant the recognition and name it enjoys today.

Majinder says that the richness of Indian cuisine, especially Punjabi cuisine, should not be kept for ourselves and that we should not be selfish. He believes that only passing on our food culture and secrets from generation to generation is not enough to preserve it. Manjinder Singh wanted to stay connected to his culture even in a foreign land and wanted people to experience the magic of the same, which motivated him to start Apna Punjab Restaurant. They have now become the go-to place for many foodies and lovers of Indian cuisine.
Apna Punjab Restaurant has been setting milestones for other restaurants in the cuisine industry.
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