Could an Apple a Day Truly Prevent Illness? The Truth Regarding Fruit’s Effects on General Health is Revealed by Experts

Could an Apple a Day Truly Prevent Illness? The Truth Regarding Fruit’s Effects on General Health is Revealed by Experts

It’s true that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

The proverb may sound like mere platitudes, but according to a gut health specialist on Instagram, apples are actually quite good for your general health.

Gastroenterologist Will Bulsiewicz, MD, lists five health advantages of apples “one bite at a time.”

He mentioned that a medium-sized apple has roughly 4.4 grams of fiber, making them an excellent source of fiber. Additionally, according to MD Anderson Cancer Center, apples have a “insane” quantity of phytochemicals, which are plant-based substances that can aid in the prevention of chronic diseases.

“For all the quercetin-3-glucoside fans out there, yes, you’ll find it in your apple! Phytochemicals have healing properties that help protect you against certain diseases and cancers,” Bulsiewicz explained.

He added that apples are a rich source of probiotics and that plants, like us, have microbiomes. The microbiome of the apple aids in its development from a tiny flower to a fully formed fruit.

He added that a single apple carries about 100 million bacteria, and “scientists believe that the microbes from our food interact with the microbes in our gut — like separated family members reunited. Put down the probiotic capsule and pick up the living food folks!”

Lastly, he clarified that while every species of apple has distinct characteristics of its own, fiber, phytochemicals, and microorganisms all benefit human health in general.

Could apples truly keep the doctor away, even with all the benefits Bulsiewicz listed?
An apple, according to a gut health expert, may be quite good for general health.

“Apples are not a cure-all solution; a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices are crucial components for maintaining overall health,” Lauren Manaker, RDN, a registered dietitian based in Charleston, told. “However, it’s fair to consider apples a beneficial component of a preventive health care regimen.”

However, she noted that “most Americans aren’t consuming the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables every day, so making a point to include apples in your diet can help meet this goal.”

It is recommended by the American Heart Association to consume four to five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Sanchita Patil

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