Content creator and known radio professional Mamta Mot thrives on her innate creative and artistic talents

Content creator and known radio professional Mamta Mot thrives on her innate creative and artistic talents

Her Instagram handle has flourished, for she creates realistic, compelling, and engaging content.

There is a certain race that people have been blindly falling into. These individuals, over the years, have focused only on making more money and attaining more fame and recognition through their work. This is the mindset people need to alter to create greater opportunities for themselves and expand their reach as professionals in their industry. A similar opinion is of content creator and known radio professional Mamta Saraswat Mot, who points out that all those individuals who realize their true purpose in their careers and lives and work around visionary ideas in the same go ahead in crossing boundaries and creating their remarkable success story. She did the same, and hence, she believes she could come this far in her career and journey.

Mamta Mot is one of those rare talented beings who chose to never give in to the norms already set by others in her chosen niches; instead, she chose to walk on unconventional paths and build her career from scratch, attaining excellence in everything she ever decided to do in her journey. This led her to attain multiple degrees and become a known Radio Jockey and Program Producer with Radio 7. Currently pursuing Masters in Mass Communication & Journalism, the Jaipur talent, a vocalist, who loves singing Rajasthani and Bollywood songs is also a business owner with her clothing brand Gulabo Vastra, all about sarees and oxidized jewellery.

However, Mamta Mot created a great buzz with her rise as a content creator. Wondering what makes her stand distinctive from the rest? Well, she focuses on creating genuine, compelling and engaging content surrounding her love for sarees and different fabrics of India. Her love for weaves of India and every saree depicting the pure culture and tradition of India has what remained the centre point of her creative content on Instagram.

She loves highlighting India’s fabrics and focuses on Rajasthani weaves such as Bagru and Dabu Prints. Creating content in such a niche sector has brought her great glory, which is consistently rising in the form of fans and followers. This phenomenal digital creator (@invogue_naari) creates relevant content on her handle that attracts people instantly and takes them closer to traditional Indian clothing.

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