‘Chasing Dreams’ Rapper Skip Dmv Creates A New Wave In Music

‘Chasing Dreams’ Rapper Skip Dmv Creates A New Wave In Music

Sharrod Mariner, aka Skip DMV, today has carved out an indelible imprint in the realm of music and stage performance with his musical numbers that regale his audience. A multi-talented person, Skip DMV is many things in one: song writer, rapper  and singer. He is known for creating euphoric effects on the audience. His musical numbers are soul-touching with words that bring optimism in life to the audience.

Born in Washington DC in 1990, Skip DMV was inclined to music right from his childhood when he was just seven, a child indeed. In his later life, he occupied a high pedestal in the world of entertainment as a singer, musician, hip-hop artist, rapper and songwriter.

This musician has massive fan-following for his capability to the audience engagement to his songs with meaningful lyrics, rhythms and strong vocal element in presenting his music.

“Skip DMV” is now a musical icon for his audience and the youth are particularly enamored with his style of presentation of the songs. His fan following on Instagram and other social media platforms prove that his persona is growing day-by-day due to his extraordinary musical talent that he started showing since his childhood.

As a seven year old boy, music attracted “Skip DMV” and he began to learn it at the studio of his elder brothers. He made several appearances on stage as a musical performer under the aegis of DaFam, a musical platform belonging to his brothers. When DaFam came into being, he was just 13.

DaFam soon caught the eye of the people due to its excellent stage performances. It got offers from different music companies for production of their albums and record labels. “Skip DMV” performed in some of these labels and soon caught the attention of the people due to his melodious yet strong vocal presentation.

Subsequently, he started writing songs and began giving music which was liked by the audience who included people of varied ages with the youth coming in the forefront of them. The audience loved his music as they reflected human emotions in sundry forms, realism and good music.

“Skip DMV” liked the musical works of rap and hip-hop artists like KT Firehouse and Yungworld. His favourite was their labels like “Champions,” “I Ain’t Play in,” “What It Do,” and “Weekend”. 

One of the reasons why “Skip DMV” created his own aura in the musical stage and popularity among the people of all ages is his own style of presenting the music due to his knack of blending creativity with newness.

That is why his music labels touch both the heart and mind of the audience creating a special place for himself in the musical world. His music labels have been critically acclaimed as marked departure from the run-of-the-mill musical productions.

The audience finds his creations something different, something more meaningful and soul stirring. One may observe that he creates a unique synthesis between the words of songs written by him and the music which too given by him.

Thus, he creates a poise between the wordings of the songs and the music.

 “Skip DMV” is also deeply involved in social work and charity. He is regularly involved in community services and rushes whenever humanity needs any help. Thus, in the area of philanthropy also, “Skip DMV” has carved out his own place just as he has created an aura in the areas of music.

No wonder, the youth aims to follow his foot-steps to become as successful as he is today. Yes, the success story of “Skip DMV” is quite inspiring.

Follow his Journey on Instagram and Website.

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