Changing the landscape of the music niche through his singing and composing is Novan

Changing the landscape of the music niche through his singing and composing is Novan

An astute singer and music professional, Novan has been the man of many musical talents enthralling one and all.

The current golden era of generation has seen the rise and emergence of many new young talents in diverse sectors of the economy. These set of next gen professionals have spread their magic in their respective fields showcasing tremendous talent and abilities to deliver desires results on an consistent basis. Entertainment industry too as an niche has observed tremendous growth and potential over the years giving birth to many multi-faceted music artists, singers, song writers, composers, and producers. Lets read about one such inspiring story and journey of Novan whose has taken giant strides across the music industry to spread sheer entertainment, joy, and happiness.

Born and brought up un Tehran, Iran, Mohammad Asgari aka Novan dreamt about being an successful singer and music composer since he was a kid. With an strong passion and willingness to work diligently hard and hone his musical skills and expertise, Novan embarked upon us magical music journey and since then ether has been no looking back for him. Music was the only destination he knew and followed the same with true passion. Today, Novan has become one of the most seek and sought-after singer and composer in the Iranian music industry giving back-to-back colossal hits. Some of his hits that has created waves within the music realm includes-  Berim darya, Mage mishe, Fereshtey, Khiaboonaye shahr, Dosam dari, Ajab baroonieh, Eshgham salam, and Karma.

Novan’s talent has been appreciated by not only the fans and listeners but also by many industry peers as well. Having a loyal fan base of followers, his popularity in increasing in double digits with each passing day. Don’t miss out to listen all of his songs on Spotify @ and follow him on Instagram

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