Chandrashekhar Tiwari – the rising entrepreneur ruling the industry

Chandrashekhar Tiwari – the rising entrepreneur ruling the industry

Middle class families raises their children with a will to earn more for their family so that they can afford what they need without discomfort. Here Chandrashekhar Tiwari , is one such guy whose story will inspire any young man to run after dreams.

Being a middle class boy Tiwari is from Chhattisgarh and he did his schooling from there itself. He says that he used to play soft ball and in that field he went up to international level. Winning the world cup was a huge milestone for him.

The young boy born in 2001 , is an entrepreneur by profession now and the idea emerged in his brain after his world cup. Chand belongs to a farmer family. He was into agriculture as well and supported a normal middle class life.

Just like every other successful person , he started with scratch. Moreover he didn’t had a single penny while starting entrepreneur ship on instagram. Instagram influencing proved to be really  benefiting for him. Now he stands at an amazing level .

Chand always wanted to make his parents happy with the work that he does. During the school time he was good in studies as well and now entrepreneurship is something that he sees not only as a profit making buisness moreover he wants to help youngsters so that more people can engage in much needed space.

He always dreamt of doing something huge in life and his parents supported all of the decisions that he took. When a child is supported by parents then nothing is impossible.

Derek Robins

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