Certain Content Creators Are Worried About Sudden Drop On Their Instagram Followers.

Certain Content Creators Are Worried About Sudden Drop On Their Instagram Followers.

As everyone knows Instagram is the most growing social media platform which everyone loves. Instagram has 500+ million daily active users (DAUs) globally, ranking it second behind Facebook for the social network with the highest daily logins. The company reports that 500+ million daily users interact with Instagram Stories.

Now are you or someone you know suddenly losing a bunch of followers on Instagram? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Suddenly Instagram followers are dropping for bloggers, content creators and many accounts which are having high followers are on trouble on 3rd of March morning today. It happens only for highly active followers accounts which are in active for more than 15 hours a day. Only the content creators know how hard it was to gain followers and if it drops in a while, it’s really a big loss and heartbreaking to them.

It maybe a server problem as everyone suspecting. Hope it’ll be fixed as soon as possible. As it usually happens, every content creators should not worry about it. Your hard work won’t be wasted and this society needs people like you. So don’t give up and keep growing.
Everyone loves content creators.

Ultimately, the smartest strategy here is to grow your Instagram is create a unique content niche specific to you by framing your content around your life and your personality, not a particular topic. People can always replace one enamel pin page for another or one fashion blogger for another, but no one can replace you. If your audience follows you because they value you and whatever you’re sharing about your individual lifestyle, there’s simply no replacement for that. That makes you much less vulnerable to other content creators competing for your audience’s attention.

Derek Robins

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