Car Shipping Options for Moving You & Your Vehicles to Texas

Car Shipping Options for Moving You & Your Vehicles to Texas

Car shipping and moving to Texas are an ideal option for those searching for new opportunities or wanting to live closer to loved ones. Hiring an auto transport company will save both time and money by eliminating the need to drive your vehicle yourself.

Enclosed and Open Carrier Transport Options

When sending a car to Texas, there are a variety of methods you can employ to ensure its safe arrival. Options for shipping your vehicle include open carrier or enclosed transport (which you can read about here); choosing which depends on its value to you. Open trailers offer basic car transport at lower costs while enclosed transport provides more secure services for high-value or classic/exotic models.

Before selecting an auto transport option, it is a good idea to research several companies and compare customer service, pricing and insurance policies of each one. Distance plays an important role as it impacts costs; long distance shipping typically costs more than shorter hauls but by booking early you may save some money.

Once you have selected a company to work with, it is critical that you prepare your vehicle for sending by removing personal belongings and securing loose parts. Document the condition of your car to ensure its arrival as it left. Finally, door-to-door delivery is suggested in order to save on costs for additional services.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Door-to-door car transport offers convenient and cost-effective solutions for college students or company vehicles alike. Your vehicle is taken directly from your home or office to a carrier warehouse for pickup and delivery – saving both time and expense by eliminating the need to drive it yourself.

This type of delivery service is typically limited to shorter distances – generally no further than 500 miles. For longer hauls, carriers must move your car to a port or terminal and load it onto a ship – often incurring additional charges when sending things overseas or domestically. You should arrange this with the transporter directly.

Costs associated with transporting a vehicle to Texas can depend on several factors, including its destination and desired delivery date, this option (guaranteed or express), military discount rates exclusive for service members/veterans as well as fuel prices or seasonality considerations.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Shipment

On shipping day, it will be important that you are present to sign for and hand over a spare key for your car. In addition, take photos of its condition before setting out – this way you can compare how the car arrived at its final destination against what it looked like when picked up! This allows for future reference should there be any issues when it arrives there.

Preparing your vehicle for shipment involves verifying its insurance coverage, which you can learn about here: Most of these companies offer standard liability policies, but you may want to consider adding extra coverage if your car has special requirements or value.

Before handing your car over for transport, always ensure the fluids and battery are up-to-date and in working condition. This will prevent leaks during transport that could compromise its integrity or damage other cars on the trailer; moreover, this will also make sure your car arrives in Texas fully functioning upon its arrival.


Pricing when shipping a vehicle depends on several key elements. Distance travel usually has the greatest influence; typically the longer the route, the higher it’s per mile cost due to extra trucks and drivers being necessary and higher fuel expenses associated with longer journeys. Type of transport also plays an impactful role: guaranteed shipping usually costs more than express or open carrier services while enclosed transport offers increased protection for your car.

Location can have an enormous effect on costs associated with pick-up and delivery services. Business locations tend to be easier for carriers to access, leading to reduced shipping rates when shipping vehicles there instead of residential addresses. Some services offering auto transport in Texas may charge extra if personal belongings must also be transported with vehicles – to save both money and ensure your car arrives intact! For best results it is advisable to remove personal items prior to shipping so as not to incur extra fees while ensuring its arrival in perfect condition.

Seasonality can also make a dramatic impactful on costs. Summer months tend to be one of the busiest for auto transport services, which can mean higher fees compared to fall or winter when more cars are shipped due to increased competition for space on trucks.

If you can wait, shipping your car during off-peak season can often save money and provide faster arrival. This could save about 15% on transport costs while simultaneously speeding up its arrival at its destination due to less traffic on the roads.

Locating and hiring an auto transport company you can trust is essential to finding the best prices and service when shipping a vehicle. Do your research by reading reviews of different companies before making your final decisions; also, remember to prepare your vehicle by removing personal items and documenting its condition prior to shipping it off.

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