Calvin Bondley — From Actor to Serial Entrepreneur 

Calvin Bondley — From Actor to Serial Entrepreneur 

Calvin Bondley is best known for his role in the TV Series “Deadliest Warrior,” where he played Saddam Hussein weapon expert in the popular program produced by Timothy Prokop. But since that role, he’s consistently shown he’s far more than just an actor, after finding success as a celebrity fitness trainer, entrepreneur, and more.

Let’s take a look at some of Bondley’s most impressive experiences to date, along with what got him where he is.

A fondness for fitness

Head to Bondley’s Instagram page (which boasts more than 11,000 followers at the time of writing), and you’ll instantly see that he has a keen interest in fitness. For one, his interest in fitness is clear from his toned and strong body, which he’s able to put to use as a model (alongside his 188cm height). He also posts regular workout videos to teach others how to follow in his footsteps.

He’s now been able to translate this interest into a side business as a celebrity fitness trainer, where he helps big names to get the bodies needed to advance their careers and feel great about themselves.

Plus, his impressive beard and long hairstyle have allowed him to capitalize on his unique “viking” aesthetic, which has helped him to secure relevant gigs among brands looking for a modern-day warrior.


Yet the LA-based actor’s business as a fitness trainer is only one of many entrepreneurial ventures. He has harnessed his online profiles and social media to establish partnerships with leading brands and companies, and he’s also a keen investor in stocks, crypto, and real estate. 

Between all these businesses and investment opportunities, Bondley has secured himself a net worth of $1 million and counting, as reported by Net Worth Post. This is only likely to continue rising as he builds momentum in each field and finds ways to link them together to raise his profile. 

What got him here?

Most people struggle to find success in one field, never mind three. But what makes Bondley special is his philosophy of life and winning mindset, which he’s been able to apply to every venture he tries his hand at.

As a genocide survivor, he learned how unfair and tough life can be from an early age. Since then, he’s become interested in the works of philosophers like Marcus Aurelius and the Stoics, who teach that there’s no need to worry about things that fall outside of our “circle of influence” or protecting what we have today. He also admires important historical figures like Alexander The Great, a student of Marcus Aurelius and known as one of the greatest military figures and leaders to ever exist.

These philosophies also help Bondley to remain humble and grateful in the midst of his success, and to use it to help others.

From strength to strength

After rising to the top in multiple fields, Bondley has certainly proven that he’s not just a one-trick pony. Between his acting, modeling, fitness, and entrepreneurship, the future looks bright.

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