Business Benefits of 24 by 7 IPMI access offered by TheServerHost Australia, Sydney dedicated Server Hosting

Business Benefits of 24 by 7 IPMI access offered by TheServerHost Australia, Sydney dedicated Server Hosting

This article explain how TheServerHost Australia with Sydney based IP Dedicated Server with 24 by 7 IPMI access helping business.

IPMI functions independently from a server’s operating systems and can therefore still function even if these OSs fail or are removed. IPMI provides KVM-like console access as well as monitoring all aspects of its hardware.


IPMI Access in Server Hosting is ideal for businesses that require remote management of hardware and firmware. IPMI, developed by Intel in collaboration with Dell, Hewlett-Packard and NEC, enables server control without using an operating system interface – including field replaceable unit (FRU) inventory reporting, system monitoring (CPU temperature and fan speed), event logging, alerting as well as reboot/power on capabilities even if an OS is unresponsive.

IPMI technology can be accessed remotely through an out-of-band management port located on the motherboard, similar to Intel Active Management Technology or HP Integrated Lights-Out (ILO), though neither are as comprehensive.

Businesses of all kinds can take advantage of Server with IPMI technology. Medical professionals require emergency access to sensitive patient data as well as being able to shut down and restart systems on a schedule; retail stores use IPMI systems for waking systems up at scheduled times in order to perform maintenance, software patching and software updating prior to opening; data centers also take advantage of IPMI as an essential way of monitoring vast deployments of server hardware.

IPMI provides unparalleled control, enabling you to power on or off and reboot the server quickly without opening windows or signing into any operating system. This is particularly helpful after kernel crashes when rapid reboots may be required quickly.

Changing BIOS settings without having to temporarily shut down an operating system can also be done using this tool, while security features like user authentication and passwords, Secure Shell or Transport Layer Security encryption protocols, logs of all changes made and email notifications when something goes wrong are also supported by this system. All this makes for effective troubleshooting efforts!


IPMI stands out from other server management tools by being independent from its operating system and can make changes even when the server is powered off, enabling IT administrators to perform maintenance tasks such as reformatting disk drives or reinstalling its built-in or software operating system that may otherwise not be possible with other methods.

Security for IPMI access depends heavily upon its configuration. In general, best practices recommend restricting traffic to servers within a trusted internal network and creating passwords that are both unique and complex; additionally, best practices suggest creating separate username and password credentials for BMC systems than for operating systems.

IPMI is a standardized specification designed for Baseboard Management Controllers (BMCs) from hardware manufacturers. It constantly monitors the health of your server and alerts you of any potential problems before they impact performance, as well as being capable of recovering even when its operating system becomes inoperable.

In order to access your server’s BMC, a separate piece of hardware that connects directly to its motherboard called an Integrated Management Module (IMM) may be necessary. IMMs serve as an intermediary between your server and management software by communicating directly with its BMC via Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB).

When connecting to the IPMI of your server, it is advisable to utilize a VPN connection in order to secure and protect against potential issues posed by unreliable connections. Furthermore, it’s wiser to opt for static IP addressing rather than dynamic so as not to lose access later.


IPMI access can save a great deal of hassle and anxiety when trouble arises on your server. In particular, remote maintenance tools make fixing problems much simpler than trying to access them through OS. Furthermore, having IPMI makes working on the machine simpler for any outside support or assistance as well.

IPMI allows you to monitor everything from fan speed, CPU temperature and status, power supply health status and security details of your hardware to boot. In addition to keeping logs of events related to your hardware completely separate from its operating system for easier troubleshooting purposes. Rebooting servers through IPMI is even possible; similar to how car mechanics use an on-board diagnostic tool that allows them to check without actually starting up their engine.

IPMI may pose certain security risks that you should be wary of, however. IPMI is typically administered using something called the Baseboard Management Controller or BMC; this piece of hardware allows access from motherboard and remote server control via BMC; unfortunately hackers can take advantage of this and access information directly via BMC without first getting permission from operating system or user permission.

To mitigate this risk, it is wise to ensure your BMC is only accessible from within a private management network and never the public internet, thus protecting your sensitive information from being breached by hackers. Furthermore, make sure it has strong password protection with only root level privileges available preventing anyone else from gaining unauthorized access.


No matter if your business operates on a Managed Dedicated Server or Bare Metal Server, IPMI access is vital for maintaining flexibility. IPMI allows users to control servers independently of OS while monitoring data such as temperature, power usage and fan speed – essential information when trying to troubleshoot issues quickly without rebooting your server.

TheServerHost Australia Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

TheServerHost offers hosting solutions designed to increase performance, helping websites increase traffic and convert visitors into customers. They offer packages for businesses of all sizes as well as 24/7 customer service to address any problems that may arise.

Dedicated servers are ideal for ecommerce websites as they can accommodate large volumes of traffic while offering superior security compared to shared servers.

Australia Dedicated Servers

Australia Dedicated servers are high-performance hardware designed to support websites with high volumes of traffic. They are capable of supporting complex software programs and offer greater flexibility than shared servers; in addition, their stable environment helps increase uptime and prevent outages caused by other websites sharing the same hardware. 

TheServerHost offers Australia dedicated server options, with unmetered bandwidth and free customer support, designed to meet the needs of ecommerce sites, gaming communities, and other businesses requiring high-performance hardware. They also provide software programs designed to optimize site performance and security – helping improve search engine rankings, attract more visitors, and convert more sales.

Dedicated servers from TheServerHost are located in top-tier data centers. Featuring gigabit Ethernet connections for faster data transfer rates and increased space and memory availability compared to other types of hosting, dedicated servers from TheServerHost make a perfect solution for processing large volumes of information while supporting credit card transactions, while meeting PCI regulations compliance.

Fully Managed Servers

Managed support services provide businesses with assistance for initial setup and ongoing management of their server, making this an attractive solution when lacking time or expertise to oversee it themselves. In addition, managed support reduces hardware costs by eliminating in-house IT staff requirements.

TheServerHost managed dedicated servers are ideal for online stores that accept credit cards online, protecting against DDoS attacks that cause outages on many websites. Furthermore, TheServerHost provides dedicated server specialists who constantly monitor security issues on your dedicated server and can help your business save money by avoiding downtime and cutting energy costs; in addition to being equipped with antivirus and spam filter protection to prevent malware attacks on its infrastructure.

Dedicated IP Address

A dedicated IP address is an IP that’s specific to your domain, meaning only your website uses it. This can help improve website performance while discouraging hackers from breaking in and accessing it. In addition, having one can assist with compliance with industry regulations like PCI or HIPAA compliance – making it essential if your website provides banking or credit card processing.

TheServerHost offers an assortment of plans at a reasonable cost, along with managed services and technical support that is both scalable and individualized to each business need. Their support team is available 24 hours a day to answer any of your queries or help set up your website or install applications – making their service highly recommended for those businesses needing to upgrade or increase traffic on their websites.

Australia Dedicated servers offer businesses an effective solution to increase traffic and performance on their website. TheServerHost is one of the premier providers of this type of service and has plans designed to fit every budget – their plans offer unmetered bandwidth, free dedicated IP addresses, and many other benefits that make their solutions ideal for anything from simple blogs to complex e-commerce sites. They’re an especially great fit for companies dealing with sensitive data as their dedicated IPs won’t be shared among different domains.

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