Brxce Wvyne emerges as a raging success in the field of fashion and music

Having risen from the most challenging life, his passion made him ace in his dual careers efficiently.

Born as Derek Harvey, Brxce Wvyne’s journey to the top has indeed been interesting. The early days that were spent on the most notorious streets of Watts, Inglewood, and Compton, amidst the most unfavorable conditions, with gangsters dwelling across the neighborhood, didn’t deter him from walking the right path. Life was not easy, but he made it look easy, with his focus towards building up a career which his folks would be proud of. His is amongst the most inspirational stories which is strong enough to motivate individuals living a bad life, owing to their surroundings. He’s made it possible, coming from those shadowy lanes and proved that if he can do it, so can anyone who thinks it is impossible to emerge as winners coming from those backgrounds.

Making a life growing amidst the meanest streets of Watts, Inglewood, and Compton, is indeed a task, which many would fail to achieve, but not Wvyne, as he was more of a hustler than a gangster, that’s what he says when asked about what made him break all barriers and race ahead in life which many still find unbelievable. It’s a general notion that folks coming from such backgrounds either don’t have a stable life or end up spending a major part of their lives behind bars. But, this young man proved everyone wrong by building up not one, but two successful careers, one around the music realm as an MC and the other as a fashion entrepreneur, owning his clothes brand ‘Trapwoodz’.

The brand is soon going to launch its clothes line across retail stores in America. He’s confident of his brand catching up with the market’s as it’s focussed primarily on quality and designed keeping in mind the latest trends. He’s also started his own media company ‘Shooterz Media’, by buying in production equipments to kick-start the work. The story of this young man emerging from nowhere and making it big is indeed worth a mention in every book, for it drives crazy inspiration and motivates people to get going and make a life for themselves.

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