Browns signs second quarterback to accompany Watson, Mayfield and Brisette

Browns signs second quarterback to accompany Watson, Mayfield and Brisette

In an interesting move late Friday afternoon, the Cleveland Browns are adding another quarterback to their roster. With Dachons Watson acquiring the trade, Baker Mayfield is still on the roster and Jacob Brisett has signed a free agency, it was thought the team would wait until he moved Mayfield to bring in another quarterback.

Mayfield’s market should not be expected by the team which could lead to trade delays. The team’s offseason program is set to begin in a week and a half, and adding another quarterback will help Watson get back into action. Although Mayfield appeared, his recovery from shoulder surgery was expected to limit him.

Joshua Dobbs arrives, according to his agent:

The 6’3 ″ Dobbs were drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the fourth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. He has played only six games in which he has attempted only 17 passes.

The Steelers traded Dobbs to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for a fifth-round pick in 2019 and then reclaimed it a year later.

With Watson returning from a one-year break from the tournament and Mayfield unable to participate, if he attends, Brisette and Dobbs could get a majority throw on April 19.

An all-rounder from Tennessee in college, Dobbs hit the ball 438 times in four years at Knoxville for 2,100 yards and 32 touchdowns.

The Browns, along with Watson, Brissett and, Dobbs, have three mobile quarterbacks who will run the show in 2022 when the future of Mayfield is decided.

Sneha Mali

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