British Tech Entrepreneur Donates £72 Million to Ukraine

British Tech Entrepreneur Donates £72 Million to Ukraine

Young tech entrepreneur continue to pledge funds towards important causes both domestic and foreign.

The Situation in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is dire. Many governments and public figures across the globe have stepped up to the plate and donated funds to help aid the ongoing conflict with Russia. The UK has donated only an estimate of £5.29 million towards medical supplies in Ukraine. This is a small amount compared to other counties across the globe. The US has donated billions towards Ukraine with another bill for $4 billion in aid being decided on now. In addition to governments providing aid for Ukraine, companies like SpaceX have helped by providing tech. SpaceX has donated over 10,000 units of their Starlink device to give the country back internet service at a much needed time. Khurram Asif is also a member of the tech field and just gave a large, generous donation.

The Latest Philanthropic Endeavor

Khurram Asif is a London based multimillionaire who is CEO of the company TechSimulater. He started this company at a very young age and is focused on technology. He’s seen big success in his entrepreneurial endeavors and now wishes to use his funds to help the causes that he believes in. Along with the rest of the world, he has been watching governments’ involvement in the crisis in Ukraine and has decided to take action on his own.  He considers the UKs current contribution to be insufficient enough to help the widespread humanitarian emergency occurring in Ukraine. As stated above, Britain has only given a couple million in aid compared to the billions other countries have provided. Asif has decided to stand up for the cause and make a difference. So, he just donated £72 million in order to make a big difference in the lives of the over 44 million individuals affected by the war. The war between Ukraine and Russia has been happening for months now and there have been thousands of deaths. It is an urgent, tricky situation that needs all the help it can get. Millions of individuals displaced from their home and massive amounts of damage has been done to the infrastructure and buildings throughout Ukraine with more damage still occurring. This donation will help with the ongoing war and hopefully in eventually the rehabilitation process. It will provide further military protection, plus clothing and food for citizens. This donation is one of the highest donations made by a public individual from the UK to Ukraine since the war started.

Facing Some Differing Opinions

Asif is currently 22 years of age and is thoroughly invested in his vision to help the Conservative party. He is an avid dedicated member and has previously donated funds to support brexit. However, he has found backlash from many individuals who are loyal to the British government initiative. These individuals are from the Conservative party and believe that his donations go against what the British government is working towards. Despite this, Asif continues to follow and work towards causes he believes in. It can be difficult to face differing opinions from your own political party but it is important to remember your unique viewpoints separate from the majority.  Asif is dedicated to the causes he believes will better our world.

Other Crucial Causes

Asif returned from Canada as of June 2021, he has since been one of few young entrepreneurs in the UK who is working to make a change in both foreign and domestic affairs and policies. In addition to the donation to Ukraine, he works towards many other charitable efforts such as making free glucose monitoring devices to anyone who needs them. This allows better health, safety, and free 24 hour diabetic monitoring. Glucose monitoring devices can cost upwards of £50 which can be difficult for many to afford since they end up being a recurring charge. Diabetes can be incredibly expensive for the individuals that are affected. According to the National Health Service, an estimate of the total cost of treating diabetes and its complications is £14 billion a year.

Support What You Believe In

Similar to many other philanthropic individuals, Asif believes in the issues that are most important to him. It is unbelievable and saddening the damage and destruction occurring in Ukraine in our modern time. It is so important that all those affected get the help they need to recover and be safe. Everyone has different views of how the future should look, especially younger people.  Asif will continue to support his unique vision to pursue a better planet for everyone and to help resolve conflicts across the globe.

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