Briana Stout creates phenomenal success with her eco-friendly self-care brand “illuminate B. Candles”

Briana Stout creates phenomenal success with her eco-friendly self-care brand “illuminate B. Candles”

She speaks about her journey and her visions for her conscious brand for the upcoming years.

Often, the brands that make the most noise are the ones that thrive on a solid foundation of work ethic, innovative ideas, and a powerful purpose that goes ahead in creating a positive impact in the lives of people. In all these years, across industries, there have been varied brands and businesses that have done that, but Briana Stout’s “illuminate B. Candles” have stood ahead of the curve by offering self-care, home décor, and restoration products like candles that have only done good for the planet and its people as a consciously created brand.

Briana Stout has created a phenomenal success story with illuminate B. Candles, an eco-friendly self-care brand, inspiring many other aspiring entrepreneurs, especially black women and young talents worldwide. The black woman-owned candle brand thrives on soy wax candles and her signature 10-ounce candles that burn up to 60 hours in a hand-blown, black glass jar. She has already created over 15+ scents with clever names like “Let That ManGo,” “Blacker the Berry,” “Cotton Clean,” “Midnight,” “Jamaican Me Crazy,” and many others.

Briana emphasizes that she created the brand for all genders who love appreciating the finer things in life, seeking moments of tranquility, and value the sensory experience of luxury candles. Speaking about her journey, she says that she always found a creative soul in her and has remained a candle fanatic since her growing up years. She was always huge on self-care and felt at peace when candles were burnt. To create something meaningful out of this and channel her creativity, she established illuminate B. Candles.

Her journey began with a simple candle-making kit. She then began researching, experimenting, blending fragrances, pouring wax, and perfecting wick sizing. Creating sample-size candles, she gifted them to her friends and family to receive feedback. This helped her discover the artistry of candle-making as a way to provide beauty and comfort to others. Before the pandemic hit in 2019, she launched the brand with three scents – Cotton Clean, Blacker the Berry, and Sticky Buns, and since then, her collection has only grown.

In the upcoming years, she aims to expand to different parts of the world, inspire more people to turn to cleaner and more conscious brands like hers and continue creating products that stimulate the mind, body, and soul.

Today, illuminate B. Candles (@illuminatebcandles_) has become synonymous with luxury and self-care. Her dedication to sustainability, using eco-friendly soy wax and handmade candles to reduce environmental impact, and commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation have led her and her brand to massive success.

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