Brendan Fraser will play the villain in HBO Max’s Batgirl

Brendan Fraser will play the villain in HBO Max’s Batgirl

He’s probably playing Firefly, which means BatGirl could be an adaptation of a specific BatGirl original comic.

We haven’t heard much about HBO Max’s Batgirl since this summer, when Leslie Grace from In the Heights was cast as Barbara Gordon (Spoiler Alert: She’s a Batgirl), but now it looks like Warner Bros. is at least looking for a movie. The villain – arguably the most important part of anything related to Batman. It comes from Deadline, which says Brendan Fraser is the bad guy in Batgirl.

The bad guy in question isn’t particularly interesting, but he’s the one whose appearance will allow you to draw some conclusions about what’s going to happen in Batgirl. Deadline says the villain will be Firefly, a former Hollywood special effects expert who becomes an arsonist, who is big because he’s one of the main bad guys in DC’s fairly good Batgirl: Year One series. Because, directors Adil Al Arabi and Bilal Fallah (from Bad Boys for Life) are probably doing something similar to that comic.

Batgirl: DC recalibrates Batgirl’s authentic origins and turns her into a frustrated teenage woman who makes Batman idols, making a Batman-style costume that sticks to the various men in her life who think she is too. Girl to take care of herself. Not because she fights crime because she’s forced into it (like Robin) or because she egoically believes it’s her destiny to defeat evil (like Batman), but because she’s smart and capable and wants to do good things जरी or especially No one She thinks.

So if that’s the story they’re doing, that’s a good sign. Also, Brendan Fraser has the rules and even though this is his second DC Comics story on HBO Max, he should stay in more things.

Sneha Mali

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