BMW R 12 And R 12 nineT: Five Significant Features That Differentiate The Two

BMW R 12 And R 12 nineT: Five Significant Features That Differentiate The Two

In the Indian market, BMW Motorrad has introduced the R 12 and R 12 nineT. With a starting price of 20.9 lakh (ex-showroom), the R 12 nineT is positioned as a roadster, while the R 12 is designed as a classic cruiser and costs 19.9 lakh as of this writing. Arriving in September 2024, both motorcycles are planned to be manufactured as Fully Built Units (CBU).

Even though the R 12 and the R 12 nineT have many similar components, such the engine and one-piece frame, they also have unique characteristics that make them stand out from one another. BMW is providing extra amenities through optional packages in addition to what is standard, which raises the bikes’ degree of comfort, convenience, and safety. The BMW R 12 and R 12 nineT have the following five salient features:

1. Engine and performance

A 1,170cc air/oil-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine mated to a six-speed continuous mesh gearbox powers the BMW R12 cruiser and nineT. It is a four-stroke, two-cylinder engine with two overhead camshafts that can produce 95 horsepower at 6,500 rpm when used in the cruiser version. 110 Nm of maximum torque is rated at 6,000 rpm. The R 12 nineT can produce 115 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm and 109 horsepower at 7,000 rpm. On both models, the exhaust is mounted in a twin pipe configuration on the left side.

2. The new chassis for BMW Motorrad

The tubular bridge steel space frame and bolted-on rear frame support the R 12 cruiser. By keeping the entire weight of the motorcycle under 227 kg, the frame helps. The R 12 boasts a more comfortable seat height of 29.7 inches, or around 75 cm, whilst the nineT has a greater seat height of 31.3 inches, or roughly 79.5 cm.

3. What do they sit on?

The roadster version of the motorcycles is the only one with adjustable telescopic forks up front. A single-sided swingarm and a monoshock provide the rear suspension. The complete assembly is mounted on aluminum-cast wheels with a single disc brake in the rear and dual disc brakes up front with 4-piston Monobloc callipers. The rear suspension has adjustable spring pre-load and rebound.

4. On-board technology in addition to

Both the BMW R 12 and R 12 nineT come with a wide range of on-board technology options. Standard riding modes Roll and Rock are included with both. Three new modes are available for the R 12 nineT: Rain, Road, and Dynamic. Additional features on both bikes include ABS Pro, engine brake control, keyless ride, and dynamic traction control. Additionally, BMW Motorrad includes a USB Type-C port as standard equipment on the bikes. For an additional fee, you may add more options like smartphone connectivity with Connected Ride Control, a new digital display and headlights, tire pressure monitors, and more.

5. Optional R 12 and R 12 nineT add-ons

Three more kits are available with the R 12 and R 12 nineT from BMW Motorrad. Features like heated grips, hill driving assistance, and cruise control are included with the Comfort package. The single-piece seat and Racing Red frame with black accents are included with the Option 719 “Aluminum” Style. Option 719 Style Avus Silver, the third package, features metallic paintwork with dark accents. There is also a new exhaust design option and an extra seat option with gold-colored stitching.

Sanchita Patil

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