Best selling author and happiness Maverick Manny Anchan speaking at tedx about his new book “Happiness Memoir” and his inspiring journey

Best selling author  and happiness Maverick Manny Anchan speaking at tedx about his new book “Happiness Memoir” and his inspiring journey

Happiness is a universal emotion that people feel from things, experiences and other people. But a little motivation goes a long way to inspire people to search for their happiness instead of just waiting for it to come around. Happiness as a concept is familiar and strange at the same time. People know what makes them happy and yet find it difficult to figure out how to sustain it. This is where a happiness maverick comes in. A maverick is someone who has unorthodox or different views on a topic they are passionate about. They try to present different perspectives on a topic that might change how people look at a topic. Manny Anchan believes that happiness doesn’t need to be temporary but sustainable and it is this belief that led him to the path of being a happiness maverick.

Manny’s life journey has made him realize the importance of happiness and positivity and he hopes to share his tips and tricks to intrinsic sustainable happiness with his fellow humans. This path is what led him to write and publish his second book ‘Happiness Memoir’. It is a bespoke journal that he created to help people understand their emotions and happiness skills. It will assist people in creating new and positive habits that have a good influence on their life and also help them keep a check on their mental health. This self-help journal is Manny’s way to lend a hand to people in their journey of finding things and experiences that provide them with happiness and positivity. To keep up with his efforts to help people find their purpose and happiness, he is working on a 3rd book that is named ‘Happy Conversations’. It is an entirely illustrated book that shows conversations between Manny, his son and his dog. These conversations range from gratitude to daily habits giving the readers an insight into how these seemingly philosophical topics apply in real life.

Another milestone in this best-selling author’s life is getting an opportunity to be a speaker at TEDx ManSagarLake on 31st October 2021. It is an amazing occasion for him to address people from all walks of life and share his life experiences and lessons. His aim with this talk to inspire people to focus on the positives in life, find their sustainable sources of happiness and look for their ikigai, i.e. their reason for being. He is excited about this talk and hopes to effect some change in their lives. Manny is also working on a curated well-being calendar of hybrid learning with many companies which will help people focus on their mental and physical well-being while working hard in their corporate lives.

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