Best Brains Learning Centers – Helping Children Reach Their Full Potential

Best Brains Learning Centers – Helping Children Reach Their Full Potential

Helping children reach their full potential is imperative. The all too real fear that a child may not attain the full potential in their life can be very profound. The profundity of this fear is rooted in the fact that many people have not reached their true potential in their lives due to various reasons or issues that they faced in their past. Obstacles and missteps have proven to be the biggest causes of such deviation from the path to future success. And once a deviation from the path begins, besides a massive intervention to correct it, there is no way to stop. The only way to stay true to the path is to overcome these obstacles when a person faces them.

Another crucial factor in a child’s prospects and growth into a contributing member of society is the age at which they’re given that positive intervention. At a certain age, efforts need to be focused on the child to attain potential success. The best period to apply this focus is between 2 and up to 13. This period in a child’s life is crucial because children go through rapid growth. The growth is simultaneously mental and physical. This is exactly when the right amount of persistence and the right method of education can do wonders for unlocking the future potential in children.

But to help children reach their full potential, the approach used to educate them needs to be revised drastically. The old thinking in this regard was to cram as much knowledge in the smallest amount of time possible. This was thought to be the best approach, but as it has been learned through research and application, this approach never unlocks the true potential in children’s growth. Instead, the best approach today is a method that incorporates interesting and fun activities into the mix. This way, children do not suffer from mental fatigue and are genuinely interested in the learning process. One such program that provides a better learning experience that helps children excel in all aspects of building a better future is being provided by the Best Brains Learning Centers.

Best Brains Learning Centers is a platform that enables children to learn without suffering from fatigue and piques their interest in learning through engaging activities. The veritable leader in providing education to children, Best Brains Learning Centers is a network of community learning centers that support children’s growth. The platform takes up the slack that contemporary educational institutes leave behind. Best Brains Learning Centers augment the children’s education in an environment that promotes learning through a thoroughly enjoyable experience, supported by educational material designed to provide maximum effect in terms of education.

The idea to create such a helpful platform was the brainchild of Anil Uppalapati and brothers Ajay and Anil Sunkara. The founders of Best Brains primarily focused on enhancing a child’s overall academic development. They have successfully enabled this by offering effective programs in various subjects. For example, the Math and English programs at Best Brains are suited best for children between the ages of 3-14, while the programs such as Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Coding, and Test Prep support children of any learning level.

Best Brains Learning Centers as a platform has distinguished itself as an industry leader by setting itself apart from other educational institutes by encouraging childhood enrichment. Best Brains achieves this by providing 1-on-1 attention from qualified educators in an environment where students are immersed in a fun and interactive learning experience. Students can gain maximum benefit with a weekly instruction cycle, while Best Brains teachers facilitate students’ overall academic growth, laying the groundwork for their bright and successful future.

Best Brains Learning Centers opened their doors in May 2011, with Naperville and Schaumburg, Illinois being the first ones. The platform began further expansion with newer locations in 2013. Currently, there are over 130 locations across North America. These locations include cities in the US such as Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, San Francisco, and Toronto, Canada, among many others.

Best Brains Learning Centers have collaborated in various fruitful endeavors as well. These collaborations have enabled powerful partnerships that offer children a great learning environment. One such partnership took place in November 2019 with the non-profit organization, Recycle My Battery. Recycle My Battery. The founder of Recycle My Battery is Nihal Tammana, a former Best Brains student. In collaboration with Best Brains, the organization spreads awareness among students about the recycling process of batteries and how vital properly disposing of them is for the environment. The collaboration educates them on the best way to dispose of these products safely and entails providing training materials and disposal stations for schools, homes, and businesses.

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