Beloved Community & Utah Arts Alliance present All-Star Bazaar Feb. 17-19th

Beloved Community & Utah Arts Alliance present All-Star Bazaar Feb. 17-19th

Join Beloved Community & Utah Arts Alliance for a unique and impactful experience at their upcoming event, the All-Star Bazaar. Held from Feb. 17-19th, this event is not just any ordinary bazaar, it’s an All-Star Bazaar, celebrating the best of the best.

Beloved Community, a Utah-based non-profit, is dedicated to promoting racial justice, equity, and inclusion through community economic development. They unify marginalized voices and create a more inclusive community through community collaboration. On the other hand, the Utah Arts Alliance, another non-profit, is committed to fostering the arts in all forms to create an aware, empowered, and connected community.

The UAA provides unique services and programs that benefit the communities they serve, supporting over 2,000 artists in multiple disciplines and serving over 200,000 people in Utah each year. Through their facilities, festivals, and programming, they provide the infrastructure that enables people from all walks of life, especially those who lack financial resources, to pursue their creative dreams and experience art in their community.

The All-Star Bazaar is an example of the mission shared by Beloved Community and the Utah Arts Alliance, providing a platform for black-owned businesses to showcase their products and services while also celebrating Black History Month. This event will be a celebration of creativity, community, and cultural equity, embodying the values, policies, and practices that ensure representation and fair distribution of resources for all.

Attending the All-Star Bazaar is a great way to support black-owned businesses and the arts community, while also learning about the impactful work being done by Beloved Community and the Utah Arts Alliance. So mark your calendars for Feb. 17-19th, and join others for an unforgettable experience.

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