Being a Customer-Centric Brand Is Our Recipe for Success: Gemerald Ltd

Being a Customer-Centric Brand Is Our Recipe for Success: Gemerald Ltd

While there is nothing inherently wrong with prioritizing profit above anything else, entrepreneurs who emphasize fulfilling financial objectives are almost always at risk of sacrificing the values that propel businesses to the summit. Stories revolving around companies that managed to take center stage, only to fade into the background because they failed to consider the needs of their customers, are abundant and serve as a stark reminder that failure is a guarantee when people are removed from the equation. From the get-go, Gemerald has always placed those it’s helping at the top of its priorities and, by doing so, succeeded in making a mark in the gemstone industry.

Spearheaded by a team of experts with over 40 years of experience and armed with the most advanced cutting technology in the world, Gemerald is a widely recognized authority in procuring and cutting gemstones. Today, it stands at the forefront of the commercial space, supplying fine emeralds to the biggest jewelry brands in the world. Given its domination, it could be easy to jump to the conclusion that the journey that led this renowned establishment toward the limelight was relatively smooth, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It took a lot of hard work and consistency as well as good service and personal relationships to cement a reputation, one that would last for over four decades.

At the helm of Gemerald are Shlomo and Ofer Eshed, Israeli brothers who share the same passion for precious stones. Highly fueled by their deep-seated interest in the craft of purchasing the finest rough in the world and cutting it to perfection, they poured their heart into launching a company that hoped to address a significant concern in the industry. “We started Gemerald LTD upon noting that the general lack of advanced technology and in-depth understanding of the trade of cutting and polishing gems is behind the prevalence of low-quality products available in the market,” shared the founders of the Israel-based venture.

Gemerald, whose co-founder Shlomo Eshed has presided as the Precious Stones and Diamonds Exchange president for twenty years now, bridged that particular gap by recruiting the most brilliant minds and developing the most advanced cutting machines. It is currently enjoying its place at the peak of the business world, delivering polished precious stones of all shapes and sizes to retail and wholesome enterprises and gemstone dealers and private clients.

Ofer’s son, Idan Eshed, and Shlomo’s son, Tamir Eshed, represent the next generation of the company. Idan is the manager of the manufacturing and cutting process while Tamir is the marketing executive.

Inarguably, Gemerald’s emphasis on quality is a huge factor behind its success. But it is not the only strength in its arsenal. Since the beginning, this cutter and exporter of emeralds has gained acclaim for paying close attention to every client and going to great lengths to meet their needs. “Every day, we are facing jewelry companies that come up with creative designs requiring certain stones in specific sizes, shapes, and color tones. Not every company is willing to provide the service that we do. No matter if the sale is small or big, we do it with love because we feel obligated to our customers,” explained Ofer and Shlomo Eshed.

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