Becoming an “Entrepreneur” | Mostafa Nouman

Becoming an “Entrepreneur” | Mostafa Nouman

Ever since Mostafa Nouman learned how to use a computer, Mostafa Nouman has been studying the social media game. As an avid content creator and entrepreneur by heart, Mostafa Nouman has been building and growing social media accounts for years now. He currently makes over $30,000+ a month in passive income from his Instagram accounts with plans to scale that to even more. Nouman is also an Instagram algorithm expert. He has a proven method that is able to grow Instagram following to over 100,000 followers in a very short amount of time along with being able to grow his clients up to 300,000+ followers combined every single week.

This 16 year old teen has dominated the Instagram platform and is currently making five-six figures off of it, which is all he ever wanted, and on top of that he is also gaining his personal social media page, which will definitely help him in the future as he would be identified as a Public Figure. The key to having success like this in a matter of a year is by being consistent and passionate, according to Mostafa’s words. He’s also been a mentor to many teens and adults out there who are currently struggling with their life situation which is why he is very loved and trusted in his community, he is always hoping the best for others and is always delighted to work with and inspire new people that he meets, In my time talking to him I personally felt great, It was like talking to an old wise man. Except he’s just an open-minded very knowledgeable individual, he has also seen and learned about TikTok which is a massively growing platform at the moment and he’s already grown his personal TikTok page to well over a 100,000 followers. He strongly encourages people who are looking to grow their social media presence to get started on TikTok as it is a very easy way to get your name out there.

Currently Mostafa Nouman has several accomplishments that he is very proud of. His 450K+ Social Media Network that grows by thousands of followers every day. He has fans learning about the way he’s managed to become a CEO of a successful online business at 16, learning all about his entrepreneurship, everything he’s done to get to where he’s at. When not
working or brainstorming new money making ideas, Mostafa Nouman is very active in sports including basketball and kickboxing. When at home he reads, and yes he plays his favorite video games. He also enjoys studying culture, so he visits museums when he travels. Something that makes him unique, some of his favorite food includes waffles, grapes and pancakes. Mostafa has no choice but to make his business pursuits successful. His work ethic, attention to detail and passion will make him a public figure to watch and learn about in 2020 and beyond!

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