Avatr 07 SUV to be Released in BEV and EREV Versions

Avatr 07 SUV to be Released in BEV and EREV Versions

Avatr, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has unveiled a new model. It’s the Avatr 07 SUV, and it will come in battery electric (BEV) or extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) versions. Following the Avatr 11 SUV and Avatr 12 car, the Avatr 07 is the company’s third model.


Huawei, CATL, and Changan Automobile support Avatr Technology. Avatr’s goal to compete in the EREV market is demonstrated by the new model. There will be Avatar 07 BEV and EREV versions available. It is the first Avatr model that takes into account both BEV and EREV factors. The addition of EREV highlights the difficulties with BEVs and the viability of adding fuel tanks to increase the model’s demand. The majority of EV startups in China specifically targeted the BEV market. The EREV offers the driving experience of a BEV along with the longer range that may be obtained from a fuel-efficient car.

With the release of the Avatr11 in August 2022 and the start of deliveries in December 2022, Avatr made its debut in the EV market in 2022. Delivery of the Avatr 12 started in December 2023, however the device was first introduced in November 2023. More than 5,200 automobiles were produced by Avatr in April 2024. Although the output figures for April 2024 were more than twice as high as those for February 2024, the figures for March 2024 were not disclosed.

There will be two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions of the Avatr 07 available at launch. The new Avatr SUV measures 4,825 x 1,980 x 1,620 mm with a 2,940 mm wheelbase. The Avatry 07 will be powered by the most recent supercharging batteries from CATL and next-generation LiDAR from Huawei. Although Avatr has not disclosed the new model’s price, it is anticipated to cost between 250,000 and 350,000 yuan ($34,605) and $38,446.

Sanchita Patil

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