Aryan Shukla: A Singer or an All Rounder?

Aryan Shukla: A Singer or an All Rounder?

Aryan Shukla, the self-proclaimed all rounder and entertainment genius has made his name around social media with hacks that he created to help people.

With his creative mindset that is as smooth and soothing to the heart, Aryan delivers his messages in songs like “Saheba” which he released this year with Devansh Pandey and Rajat Singh. As an entrepreneur who has been running The Media Segment for over 4 years already, you can bet I’m going hard on this one! Recently launching an America based PR firm known simply by it’s initials ‘MS’ makes sense because there are so many people out here doing great things but their stories don’t always make headlines or have much visibility at all.

Music has been a part of Aryan’s life from the very beginning. He started writing songs and composing them at just 10 years old, because he knew that music didn’t only please people but also made you who you were going to be in this world – whether or not they could hear it depended on your heart.”

Aryan says making musical creations trains one’s brain into focusing exclusively on what its creator desires; if those thoughts aren’t backed up with reality then there will never be anything worth living for! The composer spends hours upon end thinking about exactly how each note or words should go until finally coming out as something perfect: “It gives meaning”

Music can heal even the physical disability of anyone! It’s not only Aryan who believes in this, but also many other people. The healing power is due to how beautiful and soul-touching music really are for some individuals suffering from disabilities or any sort of injury that makes it difficult for them move around without assistance; they simply turn their volume up louder so as if it were an instrument playing by themselves while seated alone at home completing tasks like homework assignments which require concentration on paper work instead being out walking freely among others doing various activities together laughing talking etc… 

Aryan is a talented artist who has touched the hearts of people with his words in music. His songs are available on Youtube for those who want to listen or download them, as well as other platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify (music streaming service), Apple Music and many more worldwide.

Aryan’s mind always has a million things going through it. So when he decided to pursue both musical and entrepreneurial careers, we were so proud that you could be an inspiration for him in this pursuit! You can connect with Aryan on his Instagram @aryanshukla_06.

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