Art Mogul Maria-Katharina Richters Shares Business Lessons

Art Mogul Maria-Katharina Richters Shares Business Lessons

Maria-Katharina Richter is the Founder and CEO of Art of you. Growing up in Hamburg, Germany and attending school in Spain, Maria uncovered a passion for Art and fashion. Her background was shared in Various interviews across the internet. We wanted to focus more on her lessons learned from her story, rather than only the story itself.

We managed to get Maria’s two cents on the various factors that led to her success within fashion design, Art Therapy and Artist Coaching and the founding of Art of you:

Lesson one:

Meet your own unmet needs from within instead of unconsciously seeking and expecting them from outside of you, in other words, others. An imbalance within  causes you to seek validation, constant confirmation and it causes addictions of all kinds, to people, to substances, relationships, circumstances. The dependency of others  is the antidote to any kind of fulfilment and success.

If you discover what your unmet needs are, you can then go to meet your own needs and rebalance your life energetically, which will shape itself physically. You will become the creator of your life, which is the key to doing what you love and creating your own Business. Noone else will meet your needs for you and really getting clarity on that, will change everything.

Lesson two:

Use your mind to live through your heart. Your mind, when used through the heart, through filtering it through your truth and long term good intentions will cause the best choices in the long run. Your heart means courage, it means trust and it means self love.Choose your minds content wisely, because your mind will take you through your ego and feed your fears, if you let it do it’s thing, causing issues for you in the long run.

 You are only the effect of your thinking if you don’t take charge of it.

I didn’t know until a certain point in my life that I had any control over what was going on in my head, I thought I was just experiencing the awareness of me, and let my mind drag me from place to place, which drew me  into a pit, of feeling like a victim to what is happening to me. But discovering this simple aspect about us humans, that we have free will to consciously choose our minds, AND to not believe the dark thoughts. lt was the most liberating experience, which led me out of a dark place into where I am now.

Problem is people believe their thoughts. The thought isn’t real until you make it real. When trauma brings back a thought over and over again, it is stored in your body, you want to free it from there and you can. Thoughts thought over and over again, become an attachment that become  your experience. Your thoughts have a root in consciousness. When you are the one that decides what to think, you become the creator of your thoughts and your life. The default thinking is rooted in fear consciousness. When you find yourself in fearful thoughts, stop yourself, unpick the thought, ask yourself  is it fear based or not, then turn it into a thought that is love based  and become the chooser.

 Your true self has the power to be the creator and activating that starts with your minds content  and is a game changer.

Lesson three:

Get real with your fears and attachments and start to love and let go.

Growth is messy and beautiful at the same time. Soul growth breaks old barriers and widens the space bringing new horizons never seen before. Be ready for walking through your fears, shedding attachments and also to be ok with being wrong, making mistakes and failing often. Getting comfortable with rejection and all these things, that is truly liberating. Until then we live in our very own personal comfy little prison within. Attachments, rejection and all that is only existing because it is a learnt narrative by being made to be small, when actually you are massive.

Your intuition will always give you pointers of how to free yourself from yourself, over and over again, it’s like spring cleaning and it is also like growing bigger than your current size, energetically. The more you shed fear the more your soul grows and the more change will be asked of you.

Overall, these three lessons, lead to living a life with purpose, leading to passion for what you are doing, causing perseverance, which is important for succeeding in any area of your life. Don’t stop to be open to learning and growing, make mistakes as much as you can and instead of throwing the towel, readjust the sails each time, which will end up in filing you into the most beautiful shining diamond you can ever imagines.  This applies to you when you want to succeed with your art business or establish mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Do it through your truth, your heart and your soul, not anyone elses.

Derek Robins

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