Are you an empath? Do you struggle to manifest?  Here is why:

Are you an empath? Do you struggle to manifest?  Here is why:

We are all energy as evidenced by quantum physics. Some refer to this energy as our soul. Because we are energy, we are constantly vibrating. We are also energetically connected with each other, as we are one, also evidenced by quantum physics (i.e., quantum entanglement). This is why when we feel hatred toward someone it feels bad because we feel the disconnection or detachment from others. Whereas, when we feel love towards someone, it feels good or rather amazing because we feel the connection or unification.

Being an empath

What is an empath? Empaths are sensitive to energy and feel the emotions of others as if it is our own. Because we feel the emotions as our own it is difficult to discern the emotions of others. We are all empaths in one way or another. There are six main categories of empaths: Filter Empath, Transmuter Empath, Translator Empath, Super Empath, Offensive Empath and Conduit Empath. In this article, we will use the Filter Empath as an example. Filter empaths are energetic sponges as they absorb everything. The emotions of the Filter Empath are constantly fluctuating up and down because they are constantly feeling the emotional energy of others whether it is the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Filter empaths will often suffer from headaches, nausea, gastrointestinal issues, feeling overwhelmed, feeling like they don’t belong, frustration and bouts of depression. Per Eastern medicine, when energy no longer flows it creates dis-ease. Because Filter Empaths are absorbing the energy of others and it does not flow from their body it may cause the above-mentioned physical maladies. It is important for the Filter Empath to be able to discern their emotions from the emotions of others so that they can release the emotions/ energy of others and become familiar with their own energy and emotions.

How does being an empath impact manifestation?

Our soul communicates with us through emotions. Thus, we communicate with the quantum field through emotions. In order to manifest, we must project our desired and expected outcome via emotions into the quantum field. As empaths, when we feel the negative emotions of others, we are also projecting the negative emotions of others into the quantum field. For instance, if you wish to manifest financial abundance and you feel your friend’s fear of not having enough money, you will project both financial abundance and your friend’s fear of the lack of money into the quantum field. This communication of conflicting emotions into the quantum field will prevent your manifestation from coming to fruition. This conflicting emotional energy is why so many empaths struggle to manifest.

How can we prevent the communication of conflicting emotions into the quantum field? It is important to learn what type of empath you are. Once you understand what type of empath you are, you can then learn how to release the energy and/ or emotions of others. We must discern our emotions from others and center our attention within to move our (and only our) energy aligned with the expected abundance and/ or prosperity into the quantum field.

When you change the energy within, everything else changes

To change our life, we must change our energy. Our external environment (living situation, financial situation, romantic situation, emotional situation) is reflected by our internal environment (the energy within. Once we master control over our energetic field, we can then begin to master control within the quantum field. We must be free of the energy/ emotions of others to move our (and only our) energy into the quantum field to truly manifest.

My book The Guide to the Gift Within, teaches you that you are an energetic or divine vessel in three key steps. We must master the following three steps prior to manifesting: 1. Identity which type(s) of empath you are. 2. How to discern your emotions from others. 3. How to move and release the energy of others. The book uses several energy exercises as learning tools. Although, the book does not teach manifestation, it prepares you and your energy to be successful at manifesting. However, I teach a course “Change Your Energy to Change Your Life” which combines the teachings of my book and the art of releasing, controlling and moving energy into the quantum field in order to manifest.

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Author: Diana Cristy

Derek Robins

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