April 1st will See a $1,000 Increase in Tesla’s Model Y Car Costs in the US

April 1st will See a $1,000 Increase in Tesla’s Model Y Car Costs in the US

The carmaker said on its website on Friday that starting on April 1, Tesla will raise the price of all Model Y vehicles sold in the United States by $1,000.

On April 1, all Model Y trim levels will see a $1,000 price rise, according to Tesla’s website.

Moreover, the business increased the cost of its Model Y long-range and rear-wheel drive cars by $1,000 on March 1 to $43,990 and $48,990, respectively.

For the long-range and rear-wheel drive models, Tesla did not make it clear that the April hike would be in addition to the March increase.

In February, about a month after it had decreased pricing throughout Europe and China, Tesla had temporarily lowered the price of some of its Model Y vehicles in the United States.

CEO Elon Musk responded to a statement by Tesla stating that prices would increase in March by commenting, “This is the essential quandary of manufacturing: factories need continuous production for efficiency, but consumer demand is seasonal.” This was stated in February.

Tesla will Increase Costs in Europe as Well

Separately, Tesla announced on Saturday that it will raise the cost of its Model Y electric vehicles (EVs) by about 2,000 euros ($2,177) or the equivalent in local currencies on March 22 in a number of European nations.

Sanchita Patil

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