Apple’s MacBook Range Now Makes Sense With the M3 Airs

Apple’s MacBook Range Now Makes Sense With the M3 Airs

Apple has finally updated the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air computers in its lineup, some four months after revealing the M3 chip in the new 14-inch MacBook Pro. The new devices are just a spec-bump meant to simplify the laptop purchasing process.

The three entry-level M3 computers from Apple range in price from $1,099 to $1,599, and you won’t need to be an expert in computers to choose which one to get this time. At its most basic, the pricing looks like this:

  • M3 MacBook Air, 13-inch, 8-core CPU/8-core GPU, 256GB: $1,099
  • M3 MacBook Air, 13-inch, 8-core CPU/10-core GPU, 512GB: $1,299
  • M3 MacBook Air, 15-inch, 8-core CPU/10-core GPU, 256GB: $1,299
  • M3 MacBook Pro, 14-inch: 8-core CPU/10-core GPU, 512GB: $1,599

The M2 MacBook Air completes the lineup of entry-level MacBook models; it costs the same $999 as the outgoing M1 model. RAM is available in 8GB increments for all models, with the option to upgrade to 16GB for $200 or 24GB for $400. Additionally, Apple charges $200 to upgrade storage from 256GB to 512GB and an additional $200 to upgrade storage from 512GB to 1TB on all models.

Since the M1 was discontinued, all of the current MacBooks share a relatively similar design with only a few minor visual differences: the Pros have more ports, while the Airs are lighter and thinner. A new MacBook can be purchased for $999, and a Pro model will cost you at least $300 more than an Air.

The range is quite readily divided into Steve Jobs’ well-known Consumer/Pro quadrant. The M2 Air is on the top left, the 15-inch Air is on the top right, the 13-inch M3 Air is on the bottom left, and the 14-inch Pro is on the bottom right. Nobody will feel duped by what they choose to purchase, and none of them will break the bank.

  • Spend $999 and you’ll get a fantastic machine with an older but still excellent chip.
  • Spend an extra $100 and you’ll get the same machine with a faster chip and Wi-Fi and the ability to run two external displays.
  • Spend another $200 and you’re getting an even better chip with either a larger display or twice the storage.
  • Spend $300 more and you’re getting a far superior display with much more expansion.

Finally, you can get one of the high-performance Pro machines if you increase your budget to $1,999 (an additional $400).
Although it may not seem like much, the whole MacBook lineup has been upgraded with the newest CPUs, designs, and specifications for the first time since Apple moved from Intel to its own silicon. There is a budget-friendly variant that is outstanding and doesn’t compromise on newer features, but the difference between the M3 Airs and the Pros is still evident.

With 8GB of RAM, you can take offense, but comparatively speaking, this is the best MacBook selection Apple has ever provided. For the first time, what you need is more important than how much you’re ready to pay.

Sanchita Patil

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