Apple is Working on Adding New Accessibility Features to macOS 15 and iOS 18

Apple is Working on Adding New Accessibility Features to macOS 15 and iOS 18

Apple provides a range of new accessibility features and settings with each release of the operating system in an effort to improve accessibility and simplicity of use for apps. The accessibility-related improvements in macOS 15 (Codename Glow) and iOS 18 (Codename Crystal) will not be an exception.

has learned about some of the major accessibility enhancements Apple has planned for its user base from our industry sources. In addition to making adjustments to current settings, Apple is developing a number of new accessibility features that should be released later this year.

Voice Adaptive Shortcuts

Users will be able to map a distinctive spoken phrase to an accessibility option with this functionality. It will be possible for users to compose their own phrase and pronounce it to switch between accessibility settings. Users will be able to toggle on and off various accessibility features, like Zoom, VoiceOver, Voice Control, and more, by utilizing Adaptive Voice Shortcuts.

New Live Speech “Categories” Section

There will be an additional area for user-created categories in the Live Speech function, which is already available in Apple’s operating systems. Phrases can be sorted by users into categories of their choice. Users will be able to select from about 20 different icons and give their category a name when they create it. Users will be able to enter their preferred phrases when a category has been created.

Custom Font Sizes will be Supported by More Apps

Apple plans to increase the number of apps that support the current functionality of customizable text size. The “Display” part of the “Accessibility” settings pane contains an option that lets users select the font size that they prefer to read and create custom font sizes for certain apps.

macOS Sonoma Currently Supports Custom Font Sizes for the Following Five Apps:

  • Calendar
  • Finder
  • Mail
  • Messages
  • Notes

With macOS 15, this Feature will Expand Support to Five Additional Apps:

  • Books
  • News
  • Stocks
  • Tips
  • Weather

According to insiders who spoke with MacRumors who are familiar with custom font sizes, Apple is testing an internal menu bar font size modification feature in macOS, though it’s not obvious if end customers will be able to use this feature.further revealed that Apple is developing new accessibility capabilities, one of which makes use of on-device eye tracking; however, more information was not accessible at the time of writing. Further details should become available as OS development moves forward in anticipation of WWDC 2024.

It is crucial to remember that just because certain features are being developed, it does not guarantee that we will see them this year. For a variety of reasons, Apple has been known to shelve initiatives that fall short of their expectations.

Sanchita Patil

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