Apple’s latest Pride Edition watch band acknowledges the company’s history

Apple’s latest Pride Edition watch band acknowledges the company’s history

With weeks to go before the start of June, Apple has announced two new Pride-themed watch bands. The first is a review of the company’s classic Sport Loop style. The design has a color gradient that includes the iconic rainbow colors that appear on various proud flags in addition to pale blue, pink, white, brown and black. The first three colors symbolize transgender and non-binary individuals, the latter two represent the black and latinx communities.

The band also includes a yes to the company’s history. Apple used a new knitting process to remove some of the band’s woven fabric loops. This technique creates a two-tone effect that the company added to the “Pride” on the outside of the band. The word is written in the cursive style that the company used in 1984 for the Macintosh “hello” greeting.

There is also a new Pride Edition Nike Sport Loop. It has the original rainbow colors in black stripes. It also comes with a matching Nike Bounce face. Both bands are available for purchase from Apple’s website starting today at $ 49, with retail availability on May 26th. Apple has also released Pride Threads Watch Face. It is available on Apple Watch Series 4 and above models installed on WatchOS 8.6. According to Apple, the face of this new watch combines colors to show the strength and mutual support of the LGBTQ + movement. Clock face threads move when you rotate the digital crown of the wearable, tap on the display, or place it on your wrist to awaken the display.

Sneha Mali

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