Andrey Qval Kovalev astounds the world in the world of entertainment and how

Andrey Qval Kovalev astounds the world in the world of entertainment and how

He is a rising filmmaker, actor and businessman with his firm Qval Film based in Dubai, known as one of the top production houses.

Isn’t it astounding to notice how several things have changed for the positive across the world in varied industries? These positive changes and developments could become possible due to the relentless hard work and passion of a few professionals and experts across sectors, who left no stone unturned in all that they chose to do in their careers and endeavours in life. The world of entertainment is a world of its own, which over the years, has seen an influx of talented beings in the form of actors, producers, directors, filmmakers and others. However, among them, it is people like Andrey Qval Kovalev who have stood distinctive from the rest for all the right reasons.

Andrey Qval Kovalev is the modern-day filmmaker, actor and business owner in the world of entertainment. He successfully runs his business Qval Film, which has grown as a Dubai-based video production house. He is a versatile talent who has shown his brilliance as a film director and a creative soul through his production house and also has turned heads with his acting and content creation skills on social media. The Rostov-on-Don, Russian talent, lived in this city till his teen years and then moved to Moscow to make music videos while working with Russian superstars and did advertisements for commercial brands as well. After he thought he was ripe for the most important journey in his life at 21 years, he moved to Dubai and since then has never looked back.

He devoted most of his life to being a director and director of photography, and for the last 15 years, he has been living life with a camera. For his hobby, he also loves creating vines and comedy sketches, showcasing his talents as a content creator on social media, along with many other local Dubai internet celebrities. Everything escalated for him when at 13 years, he held a professional camera in his hands. He practiced using the same day and night, honed his skills and became better at it every day. At 16, he finally monetized his work and sold his pictures at exhibitions, doing studio portraits and even shooting weddings.

Today, with Qval Film, he successfully runs his own business in the entertainment world as a top video production agency that has already done a variety of ads and commercials and worked in the music field. Now, the team is looking forward to taking a step further and working even for films and series.

For more updates, follow him on Instagram @qval_director.

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