Analyzing the Colorful Characters in the Book – The Building Blocks for El Sueño de Hollín

Analyzing the Colorful Characters in the Book – The Building Blocks for El Sueño de Hollín

It is said relationships are temporary, and most of the time, that’s true! Throughout our lives, we meet many people; however, a few relationships are everlasting.

Whether they are in our life for a short period or forever, they contribute to shaping our character. These people give our lives meaning, help us go through challenges, and make life seem a bit better. We will be talking about some similar characters in the book El sueño de Hollín.

Author Luis Rafael Yépez Colmenárez is the brains behind the story of these diverse characters and the story. This book is rich with emotional and inspirational substance, thanks to its characters. From the main character to the supporting cast, subsequently, all of them bring value to the narrative. The characters share impeccable support to the main character and the readers on their individual journeys.

The Protagonist, Hollín:

Some things have an innate ability to just get stuck in your mind. Their nature is that of something that sticks itself to whatever it touches. Such is the nature of Hollín, the black substance that is released from smoke. The author cleverly uses this word for the name of the main character, who is the heart of the story.

He is a unique and special child living in a city that many deem less than ideal. His dark exterior earned him the nickname Hollín, but his inner and outer light made him stand out in the crowd. Despite his young age, Hollín possesses a depth of maturity and introspection that sets him apart. He navigates the challenges of life on the streets with resilience and a keen sense of observation.

The Enigmatic ‘Vulcano’:

In contrast to Hollín, some words give the aura of pure power. Such is the nature of a volcano. Derived from the Latin word Vulcanus, it is the mountain that spits out fire and expands the land towards the horizon. Similar is the nature of our secondary character, the enigmatic ‘Vulcano.’

The author uses the word ‘Vulcano’ for the second main character of her story to say he is a powerful, self-dependent leader. He is one of Hollín’s companions. A teenage fire-breather who leads the group of street performers. With his fiery dreadlocks and mastery over fire manipulation, ‘Vulcano’ is a character who adds a touch of creative flare to the story.

The Loyal Companion, ‘Adefesio’:

Regardless of how many friends you make, they can never be up to family. As a matter of fact, even if you treat your pets like family, they become more than any best friend. Such is the case with ‘Adefesio,’ the loyal and aging Carlinian pug dog.

Embodying the literal meaning of extravagance, he is Hollín’s faithful companion and only family. Despite his age and physical challenges, ‘Adefesio’ remains a steadfast presence in ‘Hollín’s’ life, offering a sense of comfort and loyalty.


El sueño de Hollín, by author Luis Rafael Yépez Colmenárez, has a compelling narrative, but what makes the narrative compelling are the characters. ‘Hollín,’ ‘Vulcano,’ and ‘Adefesio’ are just a few of the characters that play integral roles in shaping this literal journey. As the story unfolds, readers encounter more attention-grabbing figures and, thus, have a multifaceted experience. These three characters embody the concepts of maturity, leadership, and loyalty, respectively. Even though the readers learn many lessons from these characters, many more lessons are waiting in the story.

There are many things to learn from life and books, but the most you learn from are characters. The actions and consequences of actions from characters deliver lessons most effectively. For this reason, El sueño de Hollín should be your next pick. Buy Now and Learn from Hollín’s extraordinary story.

Derek Robins

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