An exclusive interview with the well-known influencer Issa Shamma

An exclusive interview with the well-known influencer Issa Shamma

New Delhi (India), April 5: It’s the 21st century, in which social media plays a vital role in everyone’s life. With the rapid growth of social media, a huge number of influencers have appeared on the market. Well, are we going to trust all of these influencers who have linked their bios to “influencing”? Actually not!  Because only a few of them were really able to etch their names in the world of social media and influencing. Issa Shamma is one of those influencers who is really driving the market forward. Want to know more about Issa? Follow up with the following interview, which we were glad to have with him.

Would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I am Issa Shamma, a 24-year-old Lebanese influencer and entrepreneur. I started doing my thing about 5 years ago out of passion and curiosity. And thankfully, I was able to succeed in my work in a very short period of time. 

 Is influencing a dream or a career you seek?

As I told you before, I started influencing at a very young age. At that time, I wasn’t thinking about making money. I was obsessed with the world of social media, which has become a very intrinsic part of everyone’s life. I was urged by my passion and curiosity to delve into such a demanding world. Later on, after gaining the trust of hundreds of clients, including celebrities, it turned into a business that I aimed to grow. So I can say it’s both; it’s a dream that’s tuned to be my career.

 Would you please tell us more about your company?

After years of experience, I was able to start my own business by launching my digital marketing company, “Daemedia”. “Daemedia” is specialized in marketing brands, movies, public figures, influencers, celebrities, and many more. And thankfully, my company was trusted by hundreds of clients and classified as one of the best digital marketing companies in Lebanon and all over the Middle East. 

We have noticed that you have a huge number of followers on your social media platforms; do you really care about numbers?

Some accounts have a huge number of followers, even more than that on my accounts, but actually, they are nothing but “numbers.” That’s why I really don’t care about numbers. What I care about is the huge number of interactions that I have on my pages, and that means a lot to me. 

 What words can you say for those who are trying to build their own businesses? 

First, I would like to say for those starters that life is full of ups and downs. Never stop; keep going; dream big; you can do it!

What are your plans for the future? 

My dream is to grow beyond the Middle East. Maybe opening branches somewhere in Europe. Also, I aim to be the number-one reference for brands and celebrities from all over the world. I just want to note that for any business inquiries, you can check my Instagram account @issa.shamma

Alekh Kumar

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