American Songwriter and producer, Nicky Jamz making people groove on his beats

American Songwriter and producer, Nicky Jamz making people groove on his beats

Making beats is no easy task, it requires a lot of effort and brainpower into making one good quality of music. Nicky, also known as Nicky Jamz, is a producer and songwriter who has an incredible skill of making music that lets people groove on his beats.

His Music Journey

Nicky’s story began in 2006, when he met Cassie (Casandra Ventura), a singer, model, and actor, and began collaborating with her and her public relations team. And formed a collaboration with Nicky Jamz to help him grow and establish new partnerships while managing a number of important promotional projects for a variety of celebrities and public figures.

In the following year, he started working for So Relaxing Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based music production firm, before signing his first independent contract with Star Rize Music Entertainment two years later.

“You don’t actually go to songwriting school as a songwriter; you learn by listening to melodies,” he remarked of songwriting. And you try to figure out what they’re made of by deconstructing them and wondering if you can build one yourself.”

His Big Win

Nicky got a significant break in 2011 and began working under the Universal Records Music Branch in association with Star Rize, as well as continuing his independent music career, after years of hard work and creating numerous links in the music & entertainment world.

In 2012,He started The Social Club, a marketing consulting service that helps celebrities with public relations challenges.

Currently pursuing his music career as a song producer while continuing his business. Nicky Jam is also a part of GAMBIX I.T., an IT firm founded by his good friend Julian Patton that specialises in the development of consumer applications (apps) and data analysis.

Nicky has a significant social media following, with 27.3 k million followers on Instagram worldwide grooving to his beats. He’s made a name for himself in the industry by inspiring others to develop music that lets their listeners effortlessly groove to their beats. In addition, he has demonstrated that if you have the talent, you can work on a variety of other projects.

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