Akash Dave emerges as one of the most prominent producers in the industry

Akash Dave emerges as one of the most prominent producers in the industry

Dhollywood is booming with every passing year, the regional industry has produced gems in the form of actors, actresses & singers. The regional albums and movies are breaking records, the striking part amidst this is the role of producers who run the entire show on their shoulders with so much finesse that artists and projects outshine them. Introducing Akash Dave, an emerging producer who has done some remarkable work in the industry, looking at his young age, people may undermine him but the body of work speaks for itself.

Akash Dave is the younger brother of popular Gujarati folk singer Kinjal Dave, Akash handles Kinjal’s projects, albums with sheer skill and determination. Akash and Kinjal’s hit Jodi has given some remarkable songs to Dollywood, the list includes Killol, Bhai no med padi gayo, Shiva Bhola, Mono to Mata se to name a few. Akash and Kinjal collaborated to entertain audiences during Covid times through virtual Navratri. The duo were part of iconic Jio Digital Navratri and certainly it was blockbuster among netizens.

Akash kick started his journey from a young age, he wanted to carve path for himself in the industry and eventually with his hard work now Akash Dave is known as the successful rising producer first and Kinjal Dave’s brother later. Akash has a huge fan base on Instagram and this is the mark of his success. Talking to us Akash stated, “I believed in myself, my goal was clear from the day 1 and hence I walked on thr path irrespective of challenges and finally the hard work is yielding fruit. I just have one message to all the aspirants and my fans as well, Dream big, stay positive, work hard and Yes, enjoy your journey.”

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