After the Uzbek bomber revelations, Indian security officials are on high alert.

After the Uzbek bomber revelations, Indian security officials are on high alert.

The Russian FSB captured Uzbek Islamic State terrorist was trained to strike India via Moscow, it has now been revealed, along with a Kyrgyz person. Attacker from Kyrgyzstan gave up on the operation and went home.

In an effort to radicalise Muslims both inside and outside of India to attack the nation in the name of blasphemy, pan-Islamic terrorist groups like Islamic State and Al Qaida have the national security agencies on high alert.

The security agencies are not acting alone in this endeavour; friendly nations like the US, Jordan, Russia, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia are also cooperating with New Delhi to prevent any untoward incidents in India’s hinterland by exchanging encrypted communications and digital footprints of Islamic radicalization.

Investigations into the apprehension of Islamic State suicide bomber Mashrabkon Azamov by the Russian Federal Security Service, or FSB, have shown that another Kyrgyzstani person, in addition to the jailed Uzbek, was taught to attack India by Islamists in Turkey. According to information, the Kyrgyz national travelled from Moscow to India along the same path as the two assailants. While the Indian security agencies are still expecting the 30-year-old Azamov’s interrogation report, they have forwarded their Russian counterparts a list of precise questions so that the attacker might be questioned along those lines. Additionally, Indian security services are in contact with their Kyrgyz and Uzbek colleagues to request authorization to participate in investigations.

Russian intelligence prevented an attack on India, but Jordanian intelligence warned their Indian counterparts about the radicalization of engineering student Meer Anaas Ali, who is from Ambur Town in Tamil Nadu. The third-year engineering student was being radicalised online to revenge India for insulting the Prophet by the Islamic State. The student is currently being held in judicial custody after being detained on July 31 by Tamil Nadu police. According to the local authorities, Anaas was interacting with his internet handlers on social media sites like Telegram and Instagram and had ties to the ultra-conservative Wahhabi organisation that was outlawed. His Islamic State controllers gave him the assignment to target non-Muslims and assassinate a prominent figure in order to

The pan-Islamist terrorist organisations have been discussing plans to attack India over the past two months, and the allied intelligence services have been warning their Indian counterparts about this. Apart from the Pakistani deep state, groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, which is active in Turkey, Kuwait, and Qatar, are attempting to throw fuel to the fire by encouraging radicalised individuals to “teach India a lesson.” While the Muslim Brotherhood uses its connections with Islamist groups in India to instigate violence in the name of religion, Rawalpindi is utilising Pakistani cadres within the Islamic State of Khorasan Province to target New Delhi through Indian recruits in the Wahabbi organisation.

Rakhi Kale

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