Actress & Model Dawn Lori on Spirituality and the road to Success. She’s on her way

Actress & Model Dawn Lori on Spirituality and the road to Success. She’s on her way

Dawn Lori has certainly taken her time in climbing the entertainment ladder, but it takes time to do it correctly. She’s a Pittsburgh native with big a big heart. Locally, she’s helping those with readings on social media, and selling her oils & candles. She recently hit 100,000 followers on her Tiktok account, and then retired the account to open a backup account (TT Tag: @dawnsearlylightllc) to concentrate on her products; oils & candles.

Dawn continues to express her annoyance and concern of the many fake accounts using her picture and her LLC name, and she had filed a copyright form with TikTok. “Stating at one time they messaged my family and clients pretending to me!” She stated on disbelief.

I’m an LLC and business, and they need to realize that’s fraud. I’m not just some account to take from. I have documentation from the government!

She quickly smiled when we talk about her achievements, and acting in Corley White’s “My Neighbors R witches” and the feature film due out soon “One Mic.”

Her modeling career has been been off and on since she was very young, recently landing her two cover shoots.

After a short break from social media, Dawn recently started back up her social media, and her YouTube account has sky rocketed with the return of the series “Secret Stories Of A Tarot Reader” a collaboration with director Clifton Croumbles. Dawn continues to screen-write and uses her gift in poetry in her “Magic” as she calls it.

Mostly recently Dawn spoke of her spiritual path and her journey. She began manipulating herself something was wrong. Her whole spiritual journey had been one she learned on her own through her mothers words in a book, or ancestors dreams. Attending a Christian school in grade school, she felt like an outcast. Dawn states her life that’s been her feeling. “I saw more Spirits in that school than in a grocery store.” She stated.

Dawn stated for years she continued to blocked her self and her gifts, because she couldn’t come to terms with, why she was different, couldn’t fit in and why she had them. “It was like my gift had become a curse, and it was a flashing light. It came on and off. I suppressed it so much.” She put her head down, staring at the desk.

Then she smiled and said “But I found Tahverlee and I have hope.” Tahverlee; a (TT Tag: athena_in_my_blood) is a Spiritual Coach and High Priestess of ‘Moon Temple Mystery School,’ whom Dawn found on TikTok.

“She kept appearing on my page, and at first.. I didn’t think anything of it. Then I had a dream of a blue moon, and that means the final phase of the divine feminine. The adulthood of magic. Tahverlee was there with me, under the moon, and she tied my cloak and touched my face and smiled.

She said “You did it” I looked around…and I saw my ancestors all around me. Then I woke up.” Dawn stated.

I messaged her the next day.

“My mother was powerful. My Grandma was powerful. I’m a loyal devotee of Saint Michael. I don’t play around to find out. I got the message. I pay attention and do what I’m told. I respect my ancestors, angels, and the spirits.

So as a priestess I enter, and as a High Priestess I’ll graduate. I have a mission, and that mission is to deliver a message. What that message is; I don’t know. But I’ll continue my readings and continue guiding my clients on their path. This path is a difficult one.

I’m in my forties now and just learning how to open up and accept them.

My children still don’t always; My oldest son is very involved with the preacher’s daughter, so you can imagine. He loves mom, but I fear the influence’s.

My oldest daughter is open… but at time hesitant. Yet, she’s open minded.

Than my youngest Carrie’s the gift. He sees and hears things and yet, I’m the one afraid he will go through what I did…so I try to protect him.

Yes, indeed this path is difficult. But God put me on it for a reason.

This woman is on her way. Spiritual gifts and opportunities opening up,

Dawn is ready and willing for manifestations she has on place.

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