Actor, Producer Amol Ghodke Helps Orphan Kids During COVID-19 Pandemic

Actor, Producer Amol Ghodke Helps Orphan Kids During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic which has caused people loose their hopes and courage in this difficult situation, Amol Ghodke has extended his helping hands for the underprivileged kids. Survival has been too difficult for many. Many kids sleep empty stomach during this difficult situation.

In an orphanage located in bhugaon, Pune, Amol distributed food, masks, sanitizers and all the basic items of daily needs.

In bhugaon, there is an orphanage and an ashram for blind and orphan kids. When smita patil, from this orphanage contacted Amol Ghodke and his team and informed the situation of the kids due to the Corona pandemic, Amol was so touched that he immediately decided to extend his help and then contacted his team to get all the basic items. He himself was monitoring in detail and made sure all the requirements get fulfil.

During a conversation with Amol Ghodke, he said, “I have seen lots of ups and downs in my childhood and knew how it feels to be in such a situation. I got so emotional and touched after talking to the kids that i would like to thank God for making me capable and being able to help my lovely children. These kids are differently abled, they just need encouragement and a little support for the society. During this Corona situation most of the NGOs has exhausted their funds, I would highly encourage people to come forward and help out.”
Amol is a very ground to earth person. He believes in simplicity. In past he has helped many orphanages and old age homes. He usually celebrates his birthdays with underprivileged kids. In past he had also ran a campaign for cloths and daily needs item donation for the needy people.

Amol Ghodke is basically from Jalna, he came to Pune for his education and developed his interest for acting and Marathi movie industry. He is also very popular on Instagram and is spotted various times with renowned actors and actresses. He has even been part of many marathi movies and has also produced several marathi websites and movies.

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