As an immigrant, coming to the United States was a dream come true that my parents fought and worked for tirelessly. Settling in New York and being a New Yorker was a dream that came true for me. My parents fought for the American Dream and in doing so instilled within me the value of hard work, dedication, and determination. From the start of my career to now I have always embodied a passion for serving the public. As a home builder I was committed to ensuring that homeowners moved into the home of their dreams. As a restaurateur and entrepreneur, I have worked day in and day out to give New Yorkers the best dining experience possible.

I’m Peter Guimaraes. As a single father of a teenage girl I wake up everyday asking myself what I can do today to make New York City a better place for her, tomorrow. As an employer, I’m constantly finding new and innovative ways to both maintain and increase business so that I can continue to send my employees, who are like my own family, home to their families with security in knowing that their paychecks won’t stop. I must admit, prior to now, I was not the type to entertain politics. In fact, I hate politics. But as I sit back and helplessly watch my restaurant and the restaurants of my colleagues, and countless small businesses across New York City come under siege and be punished for an unforeseen circumstance, I quickly realized that my life’s work has prepared me for such a time as this.

With COVID still affecting many New Yorkers, small businesses on the brink of closure and others having already been forced out of business and residents leaving our city in unprecedented droves, I realized that all of this is a result of failed leadership. New York is desperate for new leadership. Leadership that understands every New Yorker. From the small business owner in Staten Island, to the Transit worker in Harlem, to the Sanitation worker in Brooklyn, the teacher in Queens and the Wall Street Banker in Manhattan and everyone else in between. New York City is desperate for new leadership that isn’t afraid of standing up for every man, woman and child that inhabits that great city.

It goes without question that our beloved city is facing daunting issues that, quite frankly, were mild in nature compared to eight years ago. With crime on the rise, homelessness out of control, our neighborhoods struggling due to crumbling infrastructures, a $13 billion dollar deficit, taxes sky high, lack of affordable housing and our economy in shambles; New York is in desperate need of a new direction.

It’s time for New York to reclaim her liberty. It’s time for New Yorkers to be excited again about being a New Yorker. So as of today, I am running to be your Mayor. The people’s Mayor. So that no matter what borough you live in, no matter your socioeconomic status, no matter your gender, color, creed, or sexual orientation you can be proud to call New York home. We live in what was once the greatest city in all the world. It is time for us to reignite the resilience, the vibrancy, and the ingenuity that our great city still embodies. It is not the buildings or the landscape that makes New York the greatest city in the world, it’s we the people that make New York the greatest city in the world. I’m asking every man and woman in this city, black, white, straight or gay, Italian, Jewish, Chinese, Catholic, Jamaican, Haitian, who ever you are and whatever you believe in, to join me in the fight to restart and rebuild New York City. There’s room for us all, we are One New York.

The plan is to run New York City as a business with all agencies working together for a common goal. Putting its citizens ahead of political greed and personal agendas. My business experience has taught me that you’re only as successful as the people working with you. My team will be assembled of highly qualified knowledgeable individuals who’s only mission is to help me fix this city. The current Nyc budget needs to be overhauled and re-adjusted. Many city programs need to be evaluated for their effectiveness and cost analysis. Government waste and over spending needs to be corrected and eliminated. Business as usual with career politicians concerned more about their political careers and bottom line has to stop corrected and eliminated. Business as usual with career politicians concerned more about their political careers and bottom line has to stop.

“No political agendas, no favors owed to special interest groups and my sole reason for running for New York city mayor is to bring the city back to its former luster. WE WILL Create safe streets for all to enjoy and bring the city back to profitability.” – Peter G

Peter Guimaraes is running for New York city mayor to fix and undo all the damage the current administration has done.

Derek Robins

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