A Storyteller’s Journey from Software Sales to Children’s Book Authorship

Many authors write to represent various aspects of life. However, few can make these aspects simple and engaging for children. One such author is Elane Fees, whose writing is like a bouquet of the colorful aspects of life.

She was born in California, where she grew up with a mix of Lithuanian and Greek culture, thanks to her parents. This mix made her childhood special and different. She then spent many years working in a job selling software, learning a lot along the way.

But Fees had another dream: to write stories for kids. She turned this dream into reality with her book, What’s a Yiayia? It’s a sweet story about a little girl and her Greek grandmother, Yiayia. Through this book, Elane shares her family’s love and lessons with children everywhere.

Leap from Business to Books

Fees didn’t start her career as a writer. She first earned her stripes in business, graduating with a degree in Business Management. Then, she dived into the tough world of software sales. For 25 years, she worked hard in this field, learning a lot about communicating, solving problems, and leading.

These years in business were more than a job for Elane. They taught her valuable skills to help her when she began writing children’s books. Her journey through the business world set her up for her next big step: becoming an author.

Retirement and Writing Debut

Upon retiring from her illustrious career in software sales, Elane Fees decided to hang up her hat, marking the end of one career but the beginning of another exciting venture. During this period of newfound freedom, Elane discovered her passion for writing. In the same year as her retirement, she achieved a significant milestone by publishing her debut book, The Magic Gumball Tree.

The Magic Gumball Tree

Elane’s debut book, The Magic Gumball Tree, is more than a literary creation. It is a reflection of her fondest childhood memories. As a true story, the narrative invites readers into enchanting moments that shaped Elane’s early years, creating a magical experience that sets the tone for a heartwarming journey.

A Father-Daughter Bond

Elane’s heartfelt desire to pay tribute to her extraordinary father is at the core of The Magic Gumball Tree. Elane showcases how her father brought magic into their lives through simple yet profound gestures. The tale becomes a touching tribute to the special bond shared between father and daughter, capturing the essence of familial love and magic.

What Drives Elane’s Stories

Fees made a big change when she started writing children’s books. After years in business, she followed her heart to share stories. Her book, What’s a Yiayia?, comes from her love for storytelling and her family’s stories.

Fee’s stories are inspired by her family and her mix of Lithuanian and Greek roots. She grew up listening to stories from these two cultures, which filled her mind with colorful tales and important lessons. Her background is a big part of what makes her writing special.

A Children’s Book Author

The new path allowed Elane to connect with others through her tales. It shows that it’s never too late to chase a dream and bring your stories to life for others to enjoy.

Her book, What’s a Yiayia?, shows how much she values family, especially her Yiayia, which means grandmother in Greek. It shares the love and wisdom only a grandmother can give. It’s her way of bringing special moments with her family to children everywhere.


Elane Fees’ move from working in business to writing a children’s book shows us it’s okay to chase new dreams at any time. Her story is about turning your past and what you love into something new and exciting. Her book, What’s a Yiayia?, is more than a fun read. It teaches kids about different cultures and the special love of grandparents. Elane’s story and her book remind us all that everyone has a story to tell, and these stories can teach us important lessons.

What’s a Yiayia? by Elane Fees is great for parents and teachers to help children learn about the world and family love. So, grab a copy and add it to your kids’ bedtime story collection.

Visit: www.ElaneFees.com

Derek Robins

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