“A Soldier who became a Singer Feat JJ Young”

“A Soldier who became a Singer Feat JJ Young”

It was a hot summer day in the battle-field, and the soldiers had been breaking their sweat the whole day. The night started falling, and with it came the stars and some calm to the rather tiresome day. JJ was out there gazing at the stars and came to thinking about life. It was a turning point in his life as this was the day he decided to pursue his passion for singing. Recently he launched his first song, and his singing career is now steadily gaining momentum.

Meet JJ Young, a 25 years old, ex-US army veteran, and an upcoming singer. His latest musical art-piece is Show You, which you can stream on almost all platforms, including Apple music. JJ has served in the United States Army for some time. During his military service, he came across multiple nuances of deliberate violence and painful accidents that changed his life forever. Having seen friends, civilians, and enemies die in front of his eyes, lethal weapons of mass destruction in the line of action fuelled this insurmountable pain growing inside of him.

And there is no wonder that his music speaks a lot of his experiences from the field. Telling about his experiences, JJ says, “I have watched a woman commit suicide. I witnessed a 20 years old die in front of me. I have lost more friends than I can count. And now I want to become the person that can be transparent about dark issues.” Other than this, he is also pretty bold about the societal norms of being a man and many other stereotypes. In his own words, ” I will not beg anyone to listen to my music. But I WILL force people to hear my music by talking about the emotional side of being a man & having to be strong. I will be providing quality content &  speaking about demons people refuse to speak on.”

His songs, Show You and Take It All Away, are already out and performing decently. If you have not yet listened to them, then you can find the link to the songs on his Instagram-


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